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Green Tea With Mint Teabags - Pack of 15

teapigs green mint tea bags

If pure green tea is not for you this combination of pure mint leaves and green tea is for you.


1 star 2020 Great Taste Award



naturally contains caffeine



3 calories per cup

What's special about this tea?

Traditional Moroccan green tea with mint is typically drunk sweet - very, very sweet. This is because they use Gunpowder Green, a tea so strong that sugar is needed to remove the astringency. We opted for a more delicate chunmee green tea known as Precious Eyebrows. Better to change the base tea than your teeth, we reckoned.

teapigs' tea taster

tea temple-image

tea temple

1 per person



80 degrees

brew time-image

brew time

3+ minutes

how does it taste?
A delicate green tea known as "precious eyebrows" blended with peppermint leaves for that traditional Moroccan experience.
good if you're feeling
Rough on the inside and even worse on the outside; green tea and mint are a great cure-all.
Chunmee green tea, peppermint leaves.

nutrition per 100ml

  • 3 kcal
  • 0 sugar
  • 0 fat
  • trace carbohydrate
Dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
discover your perfect green tea

discover your perfect green tea

Whether you've been drinking green tea for a while now or whether you're just starting out, head this way to learn about the range we offer and why we love them all so much! learn more

our packaging

tea temple-image

tea temple

made from plant starch - pop in your council food waste

inner bag-image

inner bag

made from wood pulp - pop in your home compost

outer carton-image

outer carton

made from sustainable paperboard - recycle me

plastic free-image

plastic free

certified by A Plastic Planet

What do you get when you combine green tea with mint? The perfect tea combo - our green mint tea bags. Full of green goodness and minty refreshness, you can’t go wrong. Our green mint tea bags are wonderfully light and refreshing. Just the right amount of delicate green tea with mint together makes it a lovely cuppa.


What is Green Mint Tea?

Green Mint Tea is a blend of green tea and mint tea. Mint tea is a tea made of peppermint or spearmint leaves slowly dried to produce mint tea. Popular amongst different cultures such as Morocco, the menthol in the mint cools you down from the heat. Green tea is made from the camellia sinensis plant with its leaves steamed before it is rolled. The antioxidants contained in green tea has lots of health benefits including lowering blood pressure and helping to protect the heart. The ideal combo of green tea with mint leaves makes it a great refreshing drink.


What makes Teapigs Green Mint Tea Bags so special?

When drinking traditional Moroccan green tea with mint, it is usually very sweet and strong. What makes our green mint tea bags special is that we use delicate chunmee green tea known as ‘precious eyebrows’ blended with peppermint leaves for a softer taste. Our green mint tea bags is also not the normal teabags that you are used to. The biodegradable tea temple has a bigger room size for the green tea mint leaves to release their lovely flavour. Chill out with our green tea with mint drink.


Benefits of Green Mint Tea

Do we have good news for you? Green mint tea has lots of benefits for you. The plant ingredients in the green mint tea are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which may ease digestion, help with your metabolism and slow down the ageing process. To soothe an upset stomach and to relieve heartburn, have a green tea with mint drink. The menthol that is in the green mint tea is good for coughs and helping with your congestion. The smell from the mint can open nasal passages. If you are lagging in energy, drink green tea with mint to increase your alertness and focus. Drink green mint tea daily and benefit from all the good stuff.

How to make Green Mint Tea?

Add a bit of zen to your day with our green mint tea. Follow our steps below to make the perfect cup of green mint tea:


  • Firstly, grab your favourite cup from the cupboard.  
  • Pop the green mint tea bag in it
  • Pour quality unfiltered cold fresh water in the kettle then boil it.
  • Cover the green mint tea bag with the boiling water which should be around 80 degrees.
  • Leave the tea to brew for at least 3 minutes.
  • Take out the green mint tea bag.

Drink green mint tea on its own with no milk or sugar required.


For a cool refreshing drink on a warm day, you can cold brew the green tea with mint. After boiling the water, add the green tea with mint tea bags for 5-30 mins depending on the strength you would like. Let the mixture cool down then add ice cubes. You can store it in the fridge for a max of 3 days.


FAQs on Teapigs Green Mint Tea

Q. Which one is better for losing weight, green tea alone or green tea with mint flavor?

A. The combination of green tea with mint is best for losing weight. Green tea on its own does help with weight loss and fat burning however the addition of mint helps with digestion and minimises your cravings for food. Drink our low calorie green tea with mint if you’re wanting to shed some kgs.


Q. Is mint Green Tea permitted during fasting?

A. Good news. Yes, you can! Naturally, green tea with mint is sugar free with low calories. This means you can drink green mint tea when you’re fasting. Even better is that it can keep away your hunger pangs. Have a green tea with mint for a change from only drinking water during fasting.


Q. Can you drink Green Mint Tea to reduce your acidity?

A. Soothe and relieve the acidity in your stomach with green mint tea. Menthol is a compound contained in green tea with mint that gives your digestive system a calming effect and helps keep acidity away. Drinking moderate cups of green tea with mint can help your body break down food easier and help the digestive system.


Q. How does Green Tea with mint taste like?

A. If you are not a fan of pure green tea then green tea with mint is for you. The mint softens the taste of green tea which makes green tea with mint a great flavour combination. Enjoy a relaxing a cup of our green tea with mint during the day.