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Peppermint Tea Bags - Pack of 15
Peppermint Leaves Teabag
Peppermint Tea
Peppermint Tea Bags - Pack of 50
Packaging of Peppermint Tea Bags

teapigs peppermint leaves tea bags

$10.00 to $25.00
The mintiest mint of all time, this is a stand out peppermint. A real favourite amongst teapigs.


1 star 2020 Great Taste Award



naturally caffeine free



2 calories per cup

what's special about this tea?

Drunk for centuries as a reputed aid to digestion, peppermint is something of a cult classic in the tea world and it's amazing just how many of you get in touch to say how much you love ours. That's thanks to using big, whole peppermint leaves for big flavour. We think our peppermint is the freshest, mintiest peppermint tea you'll try - let me know what you think.

teapigs' tea taster

tea temple-image

tea temple

1 per person

loose tea-image

loose tea

2 teaspoons




brew time-image

brew time

3+ minutes

how does it taste?
Pure mint - so, as you'd expect a strong minty taste, then very refreshing, very light.
good if you're feeling
Rumbly - we all know that this will do the trick.
Pure peppermint leaves.

nutrition per 100ml

  • 2 kcal
  • 0 sugar
  • 0 fat
  • trace carbohydrate
Dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
great taste awards 2019

great taste awards 2019

Our peppermint tea won 1 star in the Great Taste Awards 2019! Find out what other blends made the cut, here. learn more

our packaging

tea temple-image

tea temple

made from plant starch - pop in your council food waste

inner bag-image

inner bag

made from wood pulp - pop in your home compost

outer carton-image

outer carton

made from sustainable paperboard - recycle me

loose pouch-image

loose pouch

non-recyclable so try to re-use me!

Get a hit of minty freshness with our peppermint tea bags. Packed with a light and refreshing flavour, it’s a must buy peppermint tea. Naturally caffeine free, it’s a great drink that you can have after dinner to digest a big meal. Buy peppermint tea and uplift your day.


What is Peppermint Tea?

Peppermint tea is one of the most popular and well-known herbal teas in the world. The peppermint plant originates from Europe and Asia and is in fact a cross between water mint and spearmint. Peppermint has been used for its wide health benefits which is why many people buy peppermint tea. You’ll find it a common gum or candy flavour due to the refreshing breath smell it gives out. Your toothpaste most likely has a peppermint flavour as it contains antibacterial qualities that helps with oral health.


They’re all pretty reasons to buy peppermint tea and keep it as part of your tea collection.


Why should you buy Peppermint Tea Bags from Teapigs?

A crowd favourite amongst the teapigs community, once you taste our peppermint tea bags, you’ll know why. Expect a strong pure minty taste that is very light and refreshing when you buy peppermint tea from teapigs. Our peppermint tea bags is also not the normal teabags that you are used to. The biodegradable tea temple has a bigger room size for the peppermint leaves to release their big flavour.


When you buy peppermint tea from teapigs, you won’t go anywhere else.


How to make Peppermint Leaves Tea?

For a pick-me-up drink, buy peppermint tea. Our peppermint leaves tea is the freshest, mintiest peppermint tea you'll try. Follow our steps below to make the perfect cuppa using our peppermint tea bags.

  1. Firstly, grab your favourite cup from the cupboard.  
  2. Pop the peppermint leaves tea bag in it
  3. Pour quality unfiltered cold fresh water in the kettle then boil it.
  4. Cover the peppermint leaves tea bag with the boiling water
  5. Leave the tea to brew for at least 3 minutes.
  6. Take out the peppermint leaves tea bag.

For a nice refreshing cup of warm tea, buy peppermint tea and have it on its own.


FAQs on Teapigs Peppermint Leaves Tea


Q. Can Peppermint Tea cool down your body?

A. Yes. The menthol in mint has a cooling effect which cools down your body. In the Middle East, peppermint is an ingredient in many dishes due to this reason. Buy peppermint tea during summer and make cups of iced peppermint tea to cool you down when it’s hot and steamy outside.


Q. How many cups of Peppermint Tea you should drink a day?

A. Having 2-3 cups a day is ideal however you can have one or two more extra if you feel like it. There are so many positive benefits to your health which is why you should buy peppermint tea. Drink our naturally caffeine-free peppermint tea any time of the day or night.


Q. Does Peppermint Tea raise blood pressure?

A. No. In fact, it does the opposite. Drinking peppermint tea actually may help to lower your blood pressure. Having a few cups of tea with peppermint tea bags will see the most benefit. If you drink more than a few cups of peppermint tea then it can have a negative effect. Everything in moderation.


Q. Can you drink Peppermint Tea for bloating?

A. Yes, peppermint tea is widely known as one of the best teas to drink for bloating. Peppermint tea is a natural remedy for people suffering from an uncomfortable fullness in their stomach. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory contained in the peppermint eases the stomach and relaxes your digestive system. Buy peppermint tea and relieve your bloating sensation.

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