the essential tea tools for every tea lover!

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In this fast-paced world, our longing for moments of mindfulness and appreciation for life's simple pleasures is heightened. This pursuit is beautifully reflected in the cherished act of brewing and savouring a cup of tea. The gentle aromas enveloping the air and the serene ritual create a haven of tranquillity amid the chaos.

With our sights set on this objective, let's revel in the diverse range of tea tools and embark on an exploration of limitless possibilities. Join us on this captivating journey as we unveil the essential tools for tea that should grace every tea lover's collection.

what are tea essentials?

When it comes to tea, there are a few tea essentials that’re delightfully close to every tea lover's heart. Just like a talented artist needs their paintbrushes, a tea lover requires a curated collection of tools for tea to elevate their experience to new heights. From elegant teapots and kettles that whisper stories of tradition to infusers that work their magic, the must-have tools for tea can transform your tea rituals into soothing sensory adventures.

As tea enthusiasts, we're well aware of the vast selection of tea varieties, each with its own distinctive flavour and texture. And just like tea, the world of tools for tea offers an incredible assortment. These tools are the essential teawares required to savour the moment fully.

It might come across as tad fancy or technical, but fear not! You don't need to be a tea sommelier or work at the likes of The Langham to get the right tools for tea. Whether you're a seasoned tea connoisseur or simply someone who enjoys an occasional cuppa, everyone deserves the right tools for tea. So stick around as we uncover a lineup of essential teawares required to bring joy to each sip.

here are the essential teawares required to brew a perfect tea:

tea kettle

When it comes to brewing tea, electric kettles may be the preferred tools for tea brewing for many, but there's something undeniably charming about the traditional stovetop kettle. As it softly whistles away on the stove, it evokes a sense of nostalgia and warmth. Whether it's the classic stainless-steel design or the vintage enamel beauties, these tools for tea add a rustic charm and style to our tea-making routine. Among the standout options are the Fellow Clyde Stovetop Kettle and the Le Creuset Traditional kettle. 

However, we mustn't overlook the undeniable convenience and appealing features that electric kettles bring. Take, for instance, the Russell Hobbs Addison Digital Kettle, offering variable temperature settings for different tea types or the Pursonic Glass Kettle with its stylish blue LED light. And let's not forget the Fellow Stagg EKG, a gooseneck kettle with programmable temperature control. These tools for tea are essential for achieving the perfect brew.

From the pava in Argentina to the berrad in Morocco and the samovar in Russia, these tools for tea take on different names and cultural significance across the globe. But no matter where we are in the world, these tools for tea enhance our brewing experience.

iced tea maker

When the scorching Aussie summer hits, one of the essential tools for tea becomes an absolute gamechanger—the iced tea maker. It's the key to enjoying refreshing, ice-cold tea that revitalizes and quenches your thirst like nothing else. It also takes the hassle out of brewing iced tea. You can effortlessly use these tools for tea to create delicious batches of chilled tea in a matter of minutes.

When choosing an iced tea maker, look for a model that offers flash chill method. Models like Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker ensure that your freshly brewed hot tea is rapidly cooled down, resulting in a perfectly chilled and refreshing beverage in no time.

But it doesn’t stop there. While it’s easy to customize tea strength, some models make it easier with adjustable brew strength settings. Whether you're brewing black tea, green tea, herbal blends or any other tea type, adjustable brew strength settings empower you to unlock their full potential. So, invest in a model with the right features and enjoy brewing your iced tea.

digital tea scale

When you need the perfect taste, precision is crucial. Enter the unsung hero of the tea world – the digital tea scale. These nifty devices might seem trivial, but these tools for tea can change the way you brew your tea.

Tea comes in a vast array of varieties and each with its own characteristics and leaf sizes. This means that different teas can take up different amounts of space, making teaspoons an unreliable unit of measure. With a digital scale, you can precisely weigh the tea, ensuring that you extract the optimal flavours and aromas from your brew. Whether you're experimenting with different tea varieties, adjusting steeping times or exploring the delicate balance of tea-to-water ratios, these tools for tea become your trusted companion.

Some popular digital tea scales worth mentioning include the sleek and compact Hario Drip Scale  as well as the versatile and precise Acaia Pyxis Ultralight Weighing Scale, which offers advanced features like timers and apps for a fully immersive brewing experience. Among the remarkable tools for tea in this category, the Tanita KJ-212 Kitchen Tea Herb Scale is also worth mentioning.

Embrace the precision, consistency and endless possibilities that these little tools for tea bring to your kitchen.


Teapots are not just vessels for steeping tea; they’re essential tea tools that infuse our tea-drinking experiences with elegance, tradition and a touch of global culture.

As tea enthusiasts, we value the timeless allure of ceramic teapots – the essential teawares required for an authentic experience. Brands like Ashdene and Alperstein design offer a delightful range of such teawares that complement any table setting. These tools for tea not only brew tea to perfection but also add a touch of sophistication to our tea rituals.

But our tea journey doesn't stop with the tools for tea at our shores. Let's explore the diverse tea cultures around the world and the unique teapots they bring to the table. From Turkey, we’ve the iconic çaydanlık, a double teapot that effortlessly brews strong Turkish tea. Its stacked design allows for simultaneous brewing and a rich tea experience that embodies Turkish hospitality.

Traveling to Japan, we encounter the kyusu, a small clay teapot with a side handle. Used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, these tools for tea showcase the meticulous craftsmanship and reverence for tea in Japanese culture. And let's not forget the Chinese Yixing clay teapot, known for its ability to enhance the flavours of tea over time.


Teacups are more than just containers for sipping tea – they’re the essential teawares required to cradle our favourite brews. They also elevate our tea-drinking experience. For those seeking classic elegance, brands like Royal Albert and Maxwell & Williams offer timeless teacups with delicate floral patterns and fine bone china craftsmanship. Indulging in a cup of tea from these exquisite teacups elevates the experience to a regal affair, embodying the essence of sophistication that can be enhanced by the right tools for tea.

But let's not forget the ethnic teacups that let us experience other cultures. From Turkey, we’ve the delicate tulip-shaped glasses known as "çay bardağı". These teacups are often adorned with intricate designs, making them the perfect tools for tea rich in Turkish flavours.

Traveling to Japan, we encounter the dainty and artistic teacups used in traditional tea ceremonies. These cups are known as "chawan" and they’re crafted with precision to enhance the meditative experience of sipping matcha.

Speaking of traditional teacups, Moroccan tea is served in vibrant and hand-painted teacups. These teacups are often adorned with intricate geometric patterns and look more like art pieces than tools for tea.

french press

The French press is not only a tool for coffee aficionados but also one of the beloved tools for tea enthusiasts looking to brew a robust and full-bodied cuppa. Thanks to its simple design, using it for tea is a breeze. Just add loose-leaf tea or tea bags, hot water and steep. When the steeping is complete, gently press down the plunger to separate the brewed tea from the leaves or tea bags. Now that we know how to use French presses, let's dive into the world of these tools for tea and discover some good ones.

First up, we’ve the Bodum Chambord French Press, a classic and elegant option. Crafted with stainless-steel frame and a heat-resistant glass, it ensures optimal brewing conditions.

For those seeking a touch of modernity, the Espro P7 Stainless Steel French Press is a top contender in this category of tools for tea. With its double-filter system, this French press provides a cleaner and grit-free cup of coffee or tea.

Another notable option is the Stanley Classic Vacuum French Press. This one comes with double-wall vacuum insulation and stainless-steel construction.

various tea tools

From the charming to the practical tools for tea, each one plays a vital role in elevating our tea rituals.

tea leaf infusers:

These handy tools for tea come in various shapes and sizes, allowing us to steep loose-leaf tea with ease. Whether it's a whimsical animal-shaped infuser or a sleek stainless-steel ball, these tea tools add a touch of fun and convenience to our tea brewing.

tea bag organizer:

The saviours of tea clutter, these nifty boxes may not be tools for tea brewing, but they keep your tea bags organized and easily accessible. And ensure that you can always find your preferred blend without rummaging through a messy tea drawer. From charming wooden boxes with multiple compartments to stylish glass jars with airtight lids, tea bag storage boxes come in various designs to suit your style and tea collection.

the ethnic varieties:

For those who appreciate the art of tea ceremonies, a traditional Japanese matcha set is a must-have. This set of tools for tea includes a bamboo whisk (chasen), a ceramic bowl (chawan) and a bamboo scoop (chashaku). These tools for tea create an immersive and meditative matcha experience.

In India, the land of aromatic spices and vibrant flavours, we encounter the traditional mortar and pestle, known as the "okhli." This is one of the age-old tools for tea and is used to crush and grind herbs and spices used in Indian masala chai.


In wrapping up this exploration, the world of tools for tea is as diverse and vibrant as the tea itself. From the classic teapot to the innovative digital tea scale, each tool plays a crucial role in enhancing our tea-drinking experience.

So, next time you brew a cup of tea, remember the power and impact that the right tools for tea can have on your tea-drinking experience. These tools for tea add convenience, style and a touch of cultural heritage to our tea rituals. So, let's embrace the art of tea preparation and explore the vast array of tools for tea.

faqs on tools for tea:

Q. what is needed for a tea set?

A. A few key essentials are there in a tea set and they include these tea tools – a teapot, teacups, infuser and a tea tray. These tools for tea ensure a delightful brewing experience.

Q. how many tea pots do you need for a tea party?

A. The short answer – it depends on the size of the tea party. But usually, 3-4 people can be served with a teapot. So, have multiple teapots on hand accordingly. With a collection of teapots and other essential tools for tea, you'll ensure a memorable and enjoyable tea party experience.

Q. how big of a teapot do I need for 4 people?

A. A teapot with a capacity of around 800ml to 1 litre should be sufficient to serve tea to a group of four. This size allows for multiple cups to be poured without the need for constant refills. Having the right tools for tea ensures that everyone can enjoy a delightful brew together.

Q. how do you arrange a tea tray?

A. Before you lay the tools for tea on the tray, start by covering it with linen. Stack saucers and arrange teacups in a clever interconnected circle. Place folded napkins to the right, teaspoons atop them and a milk pot and sugar bowl on the right edge. Include an insulated pot with hot water and a teapot steeping with fragrant tea.