morning teas: a guide to starting your day right

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i don’t know about you, but i find myself grappling with the struggles of dragging through the mornings – more often than i’d like. that’s why i ensure that my drinks – the sober ones – are always there to make it easier for me.

as an aussie, i was into the coffee culture, save for that day when i walked into a specialty tea tasting event here in melbourne. that casual drop-in introduced me to a game-changer…a collection of amazing teas. and are they good morning teas? the best – i would say! i’ll share my personal favourites; see if any of them resonate with you.

morning teas

the importance of morning teas

in my opinion, good morning teas set a positive tone for the day. the caffeine in tea gives a gentle energy boost, pulling you out of that sleepy mood without the jitteriness of coffee.

no surprises here – we have had this insight on tea for a while. well…tea has been a part of aussie culture for a couple of centuries, and there’s a reason our love for it is only growing stronger. i'm not one to throw numbers around, but we're downing about 9.5 billion cups a year! 

seems like more of us are catching on to the taste of tea, especially during morning tea – the perfect pick-me-up. and you know what? morning teas are a part of office culture also. ask anyone about their tea routine at work and you’ll get responses like:

“yeah, morning tea means tea, biscuits and a chat around the kitchen area.”

“oh, we all stop working at 9:30 am and go for tea – and get paid to have it.”

it just goes to show how important good morning teas are!

brewing the perfect cup

let’s look at some of the considerations to brew that perfect cup:

tea choice:

you know that tea does it all – it soothes, energises and relaxes. so, simply choose a variety that suits your mood and pick high-quality tea.

tea-water ratio:

toss in just 1 tea bag or a teaspoon of tea per 250ml of fresh filtered water – adding too much or too little tea can change the flavour of your tea. 

water temperature:

keep lower water temperature (71°c to 85°c) for white, green and oolong teas and slightly higher (100°c) for herbal and black teas. the right temperature enhances flavours and aroma.

brewing method:

black tea is usually brewed using tea bags placed in a cup or a teapot. boiled water is added and allowed to steep. some other methods are gongfu cha, japanese style, and cold brew for green or herbal teas.

tea steeping:

steeping times vary based on tea type – green teas (1-3 minutes), black teas (3-5 minutes) and herbal teas (5-7 minutes).

the best tea to drink in the morning

as promised, i’m sharing my collection of best morning teas with you.

english breakfast tea

english breakfast tea is my morning go-to – bold and robust, but not too much! it’s the wake-up call i need in the morning. i like it for its smooth, comforting taste that instantly boosts alertness without the jitters.

you can easily swap that morning coffee for this tea that’s created for the mornings – its name says it all. i swapped them, and no more midday slumps, just a smooth and energising start to the day.

here’s something for the inquisitive ones. the leaves are sourced from the finest tea gardens in india, rwanda and sri lanka – a hallmark of a really good morning tea.

mao feng green tea

green tea must get a place in my list of best morning teas, especially when it’s one of the better varieties. this specialty tea is a good place to start if green tea has been on your to-do list.

i have to say mao feng is beautiful with bright green whole leaves and buds that have a slight silvery fuzz. it’s clear pale green with a wonderfully natural taste, and a fresh and slightly floral aroma.

it’s a light and refreshing way to start your day.        

earl grey tea

a classic cup of steaming earl grey with the heavenly aroma of bergamot wafting from it makes it the best tea to drink in the morning. this comforting blend of black tea and bergamot oranges totally wakes up my senses in a calm and nice way. that’s the kind of natural energy boost you need first thing in the morning.

additionally, starting your day with earl grey can be particularly soothing for an empty stomach. we know how gut health affects the entire body, so it’s important to keep it in check; i think this tea is perfect for that.

peppermint tea

moving further with my lineup of best morning teas, peppermint tea takes the spotlight for a burst of freshness. the minty profile is like a freshening-up routine in the morning, but way tastier! 

beyond its enjoyable super minty taste, peppermint tea is good for the gut, making it a truly good morning tea. starting your day on this note is a game-changer – your body will appreciate the goodness.

but don’t just go for any peppermint tea, look for the ones with big whole leaves for that authentic flavour. i prefer them over the leaf-dust versions with a lighter flavour.

chai tea

chai tea is a morning must for me, and here's why. the vibrant blend of black tea, cinnamon ginger and cardamom hits just right, with occasional hints of vanilla and other natural flavourings adding to the excitement.

it’s often dubbed masala tea; thanks to all the spices (masala) it contains. this robust mix of spices and black tea creates a comforting start to my day.

whether i steep it in water and then add milk or simmer it directly in a mix of milk and water, chai tea always emerges as my beloved morning latte – a great addition to my cabinet stocked full of really good morning teas.

lemon and ginger tea

i'm sure you've heard of celebrities talking up the benefits of lemon or ginger in the morning – why not have both?

this lively combo of lemon and ginger works together to refresh your senses and kickstart your metabolism. plus, this warm infusion might just be your go-to solution against nausea, especially if you’re dealing with morning sickness.

the soothing warmth and vibrant flavours in this tea also make it a wonderful way to wrap up the day. but let’s save that for another time.

rooibos tea

those chilly mornings call for the perfect remedy – a generous mug of spicy rooibos tea. that's when i find myself having this truly good morning tea for several mornings to come.

this spiced winter tea with rooibos might become your favourite also, if you’re looking for all the health benefits of classic morning teas with a little twist.

rooibos is worth every sip – a caffeine-free robust flavour profile, antioxidants, and the added benefits of zinc. it's the complete package for a great morning.

liquorice and mint tea

i brew myself a cup of liquorice and mint tea on mornings when i’m under the weather or just need some healing vibes. chinese healers and herbal enthusiasts vouch for its healing and soothing properties. according to them, the nutrients in the liquorice root do wonders in easing sore throats.

let me share my take on its flavour profile. it's a super-fresh blend that combines the sweet and distinct taste of liquorice with the cool, minty freshness of classic mint.

honestly, it's become my top pick for those sluggish mornings – a healing mix that kickstarts my day on a tasty note!

apple and cinnamon tea

i am absolutely smitten with a few morning teas, but the apple and cinnamon tea from teapigs might have to take the cake (or should i say apple pie?). this dessert-like blend is a real treat, evoking that comforting indulgence i love from my favourite bakery. it's a delicious sensory experience!

this guilt-free pleasure comes from an herbal blend of apple pieces, cinnamon, roasted chicory root plus some other spices. these ingredients possibly offer health advantages, like reduced inflammation and blood sugar levels, improved digestion and heart health. however, i like this as one of my morning teas purely for its flavour, aroma and the uplifting morning vibes it brings.

lemongrass tea

on those challenging days that i sense would be a bit demanding, i turn to this tea in the morning for that calmness and mental clarity. it’s my way of saying, "alright, let's do this." maybe it's just my thing, but it does work for me!

when i take a whiff of the tea, it's like a little moment of calm and revival. that’s probably its soothing lemony, grassy and floral fragrance at work. lemongrass tea, i've found, acts as a natural detoxifier. starting my day with it on an empty stomach seems to help flush out toxins.

that's why it's my preferred morning tea on demanding days.

rhubarb and ginger tea

i sometimes like to wake up to a tart and refreshing mix that makes me feel energised. that’s when i include the rhubarb and ginger tea in my morning tea routine. the tart rhubarb and fiery ginger create amazing flavour combination.

i like having different flavours and aromas in my collection of the best morning teas. it makes my usual routine a bit more exciting, and who doesn't want that in the morning?

try including it in yours, i’m sure you won’t be disappointed!


as i wrap up my top picks for the best morning teas, it's pretty clear – there's a tea to make your mornings great! pick the ones you fancy and let your favourite flavours kick those morning blues to the curb.

whether you're feeling totally worn out or a bit under the weather, my list has got both caffeinated and caffeine-free teas to sort you out. and if you can't find what you need in the list, give the teapigs mood-o-meter a go – it’ll help you find the best tea to drink in the morning.

the mood-o-meter will pair you up with your perfect match. give it a shot and make your mornings truly great!

faq's on morning teas

Q. What tea is best to drink in the morning?

A. the best tea to drink in the morning depends on several factors, the most crucial being your choice and what you wish to address. for a strong flavour, choose the classics, like english breakfast or earl grey. however, if you like something caffeine-free and refreshing, try some of the herbal options, like lemon and ginger.

Q. Which tea gives you energy in the morning?

A. for energy boost, the best tea to drink in the morning can either be a black tea (like english breakfast) or a green tea (like mao feng). packed with caffeine, these teas naturally energise and kickstart your day, ensuring a refreshing start each morning.

Q. can children enjoy morning teas?

A. while children can enjoy morning teas, the recommended best tea to drink in the morning is the one without caffeine. choices like chamomile or fruit-infused teas offer amazing flavours without the effects of caffeine, providing a suitable and enjoyable morning tea for kids.

Q. Should I drink water before tea in the morning?

A. it's beneficial to drink water empty stomach in the morning. hydrating your body after a night's sleep is essential. water helps kickstart your metabolism, and enjoying tea afterward can enhance the overall morning refreshment and hydration.