Top 5 Hidden Benefits of Herbal Tea

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Disclaimer :- The health benefits mentioned are drawn from existing research found online and are provided for informational purposes only. They are not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It's essential to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before making any changes to your health regimen based on this content.

Herbal tea is one of the best drinks that you can have due to its health benefits. Though not technically a tea as they are made from herbs, fruits, barks, spices or roots, herbal tea is caffeine free. As we know water is hydrating however herbal tea is a great alternative to drinking water. Not only that but it also delivers powerful impacts to your health. We have listed the Top 5 hidden benefits which including easing digestion, minimising inflammation, boosting the immune system, aiding with weight loss and helping to relieve stress. They’re all awesome reasons as to why you should drink herbal tea bags from teapigs and get the benefits of herbal tea.

Herbal Tea Benefits

Here are some benefits of herbal tea for your health.

1. Eases Digestion 

One of the benefits of herbal tea is helping to ease digestion. Different herbal teas have been used for centuries as a natural remedy for settling the stomach. They also help with bloating and gas. The properties contained in herbal teas are beneficial in soothing and settling your digestive system, so you feel good again. 

From our teapigs range, our peppermint tea and our chamomile tea are the go-to to help with digestion. Have our peppermint or sweet ginger to enhance your digestion as well as your health and well-being.

Peppermint contains menthol which relaxes and soothes an unsettled stomach. It also helps with minimising cramping and gas. Drinking peppermint helps to reduce fullness after meals. If you are experiencing bloating or indigestion, then have our peppermint tea to make your tummy all good again.

Ginger is another herbal tea to help with your digestive system. Otherwise known as the ‘universal medicine’, ginger is an all-rounder when it comes to your health. Have a ginger tea before a big meal to slow down your digestion. It will also help with reducing gas and bloating. Have our sweet ginger tea to help ease your digestion.


2. Minimise inflammation

Inflammation occurs when you get a cut, bruise or an injury and your body reacts by forming a protective barrier. Inflammation is easily recognised by its redness, swelling and the soreness surrounding the area. When you have inflammation, your body is working to heal and repair itself in order to stop further infections occurring. 

Chronic inflammation arises if the body has not healed properly. It can also result due to ill health or lifestyle factors like stress. In the worst case scenario, chronic inflammation can lead to serious health issues like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes or Alzheimer’s.

The benefits of herbal tea are so good that it can help minimise inflammation. They have certain plant compounds that eases inflammation. Different herbal teas have the ability to work on your body, so you experience less inflammation and pain.

Rooibos tea is a herbal tea that has anti-inflammatory qualities. Originating from South Africa, the sweet nutty and naturally caffeine free tea has powerful flavonoids which helps fight inflammation. Our Honeybush & Rooibos tea is great to drink if you suffer from inflammation.

Ginger tea is also a herbal tea that helps with inflammation. The compounds contained within ginger eases the pain caused by inflammation. Have our sweet ginger tea to relieve your pain and inflammation.

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3. Boost immune system

One of the best drinks that you can have to boost your immune system is herbal tea. Due to the antioxidants along with antiviral and antibacterial properties, drinking herbal tea on a regular basis can keep you healthy. If you have a cold or the flu, herbal tea will help you recover.

Herbal teas have things bioactive compounds like phenolic acids, flavonoids, saponins, terpenoids and carotenoids that enhances your immune system. Keeping your immune system strong is super important particularly during the cooler months. That is why having herbal tea benefits you by boosting your immune system.

One herbal tea ingredient, liquorice root has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for many years due to its health benefits. The antiviral and antimicrobial properties that is found in liquorice helps strengthen your immune system. Drink our liquorice and peppermint tea and gain positive health benefits.

Peppermint tea is great if you are feeling a bit off and feel you are coming down with something. Peppermint tea has antimicrobial and antiviral properties that keeps the doctor away. Our peppermint tea is the perfect natural remedy to heal the body.

Boost your immune system and reduce your chance of falling ill by drinking herbal tea.

4. Aid weight loss

Do you find it hard to shift the kgs? If so, herbal tea can help you out.

Herbal teas contain ingredients like lemon, ginger, cinnamon and lemongrass that are beneficial for helping with your metabolism. For those who are on a quest to shed some weight, having herbal tea will help you along the way. When combined with fitness and exercise, herbal teas work as a natural detox to help you burn fat.

One such herbal tea that aids in weight loss is lemongrass tea. The polyphenol compounds contained in lemongrass helps with burning your body’s energy as well as your body fat. As there are very little calories and carbs in lemongrass tea, it is the perfect drink to have before lunch or dinner as it makes you feel full and stops you from gorging on food. Lemongrass tea will help you digest your food better as well. Drink our pure lemongrass tea if you are on a journey to lose weight. 

Chamomile tea is another herbal tea which helps with weight loss. Chamomile naturally suppresses your appetite and reduces your craving for food. Drinking chamomile tea before having a meal will stop you from overeating. If you’re looking for a drink to help you with weight, drink our chamomile tea.  

5. Relieves stress

We all have busy lives juggling work, study, family, kids, friends as well as our hobbies and interests. When everything gets overwhelming, stress can appear and cause havoc. It’s important to look after yourself when you experience these types of moments in your life. Having a warm drink with herbal tea bags will make a difference to your life. Calming and relaxing, things will become peaceful again. 

Drinking chamomile tea helps to calm the overactive mind and creates a sense of serenity. The extract in chamomile tea helps to reduce stress and anxiety. If you unable to switch off, one cup of this tea will ease your mind. Relax and put your feet up whilst sipping on our chamomile tea.  

When things are hectic, they can cause other issues like insomnia. Chamomile contains apigenin, an antioxidant that promotes sleepiness and improves your quality of sleep. Drink chamomile herbal tea before bedtime and get a restful night’s sleep.

As you can see, the herbal tea benefits of chamomile do great things for your mind. When you feel like tearing your hair out, have a chamomile herbal tea and everything will be all good again.


Self-care and looking after your health is important. That is why herbal tea is just what you need in your life.

The top 5 hidden benefits of herbal tea include helping with digestion, minimising inflammation, boosting your immune system, aiding with weight loss and helping to relieve stress. They’re all great reasons as to why you should drink herbal tea on a daily basis.

Not only that but our caffeine free range of herbal tea bags are filled with heaps of flavour. Drink herbal tea and gain the health benefits from. Have a healthy body and mind by drinking a herbal tea every day.

FAQs about Herbal Tea

Q. Is it good to drink Herbal tea everyday?

A. Drinking 3-4 cups of herbal tea daily is the ideal amount to receive the most health benefits. Herbal tea is naturally caffeine-free so you can probably drink up to 8 cups a day. The thing is, that might be a bit too much. It isn’t something we would recommend. Moderation is key!

Q. Is Herbal tea better than normal tea?

A. All teas benefit you in terms of health however herbal tea can be seen as better than normal tea as it is naturally caffeine free. By drinking herbal teas regularly, you can benefit from lots of awesome healing qualities. This includes aiding digestion, boosting your immunity, reducing inflammation, nausea, weight loss plus a lot more.

Q. What is the best time to take Herbal tea?

A. Drink different types of herbal tea at different times to help you out throughout the day. Drink our peppermint leaves tea after a meal to aid digestion. For a boost of energy in the afternoon, have our superfruit tea. As you unwind for bedtime, sip our chamomile tea to have a peaceful sleep.

Q. Which Herbal Tea has the most benefits?

A. Each herbal tea has their own individual benefits that helps with the mind and body. Whether you’re after something calming, energising, cleansing or one to improve your immune system, there are different ones designed to help you out. For relaxation during times of stress, having our chamomile tea. If you have an unsettled stomach, drink our peppermint teaWe may be biased but drink any of our herbal teas and they will do you good.


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