top 10 teas that are caffeine free

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Tea is a drink that many people like to have throughout the day or in the evening. Some types of tea however contain caffeine which can affect your sleeping patterns. This is why caffeine free tea is the best type of tea to have if you are sensitive to caffeine or enjoy a tea before bed. 

Good news is there are plenty of teas that are caffeine free. We’ll introduce you to the top 10 teas that are free of caffeine. These include peppermint tea, super fruit tea, chamomile tea, apple & cinnamon tea, sweet ginger tea, chocolate & mint, lemon & ginger, rooibos tea, liquorice & mint and lemongrass tea. 

Made from herbs, spices, roots or flowers, herbal teas are caffeine free. They are full of flavour and will be sure to tempt your taste buds.


10 Non-Caffeine Teas To Tempt Your Taste Buds!

1. Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is one of the most well-known caffeine-free teas. It’s got a fresh cool taste which is why it’s a common in toothpaste or gum.

Full of big flavour, our peppermint tea is refreshing, minty tea that you'll try. Your taste buds will be tingling when you drink our peppermint tea. 

Not only is the taste refreshing, but there’s also lots of good stuff you’ll find in peppermint tea. It has vitamins A&C, calcium, folate and potassium. If you have a common cold or sore throat, this is your go-to tea. If you feel your tummy isn’t feeling quite right, sip on a cup of peppermint tea and it’ll fix you up.


2. Super fruit tea

Delicious and fruity, our super fruit tea is one to tempt your taste buds.

The tasty natural caffeine-free herbal tea is bursting with berries. What's more, the super fruit tea has an invigorating hibiscus flower base which is what gives it a lovely deep red colour.

When it’s warm and sunny out, a great way to cool down is to have a super fruit iced tea. Brewed similar to hot tea, add cold water and ice as well as handfuls of fresh strawberries. Viola! You have a yummy and tasty cool drink that will be a hit with everyone.


3. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is a clean and smooth drink to have. A very popular type of tea, the chamomile flower used to brew the tea is caffeine free and known for its healing qualities. 

When you have our chamomile tea, expect something light and airy with a crisp finish. You’ll taste hints of fruit and floral flavours that blend into a slightly sweet mixture. 

Have a cup of chamomile tea to relax and switch off after a busy day. Great as a bedtime tea, drink our soothing chamomile tea. Just like a lullaby, sip on it as you’ll drift off to sleep…


4. Apple & Cinnamon tea

Tempt your taste buds with our caffeine-free apple & cinnamon tea.

The perfect combo of apple and cinnamon is what you’ll find in muffins or pancakes. When you have it as a tea, it is just heavenly. Sweet and juicy, our apple & cinnamon tea tastes just like your nan’s famous pie. 

Treat yourself to an apple & cinnamon tea when you’re looking for a sweet tooth fix without the calories. The balance of sweet juicy apple blended with cinnamon spice really hits the spot.

Life doesn’t get much better than a warm and comforting apple & cinnamon tea.


5. Sweet ginger tea

Change up your teas and have a sweet ginger tea. Big on ginger and loaded with sweetness and spice, your taste buds will be tingling with delight. 

Not for the faint-hearted, this brew makes a statement which is why we call it ‘in your face feisty’. When we asked team teapigs for things they associated with the word 'ginger' one of them named a certain glasses-wearing celeb with ginger hair. That is why we put a pair of bright orange glasses on the front of this pack.

For an afternoon pick-me-up, go for the sweet ginger tea to kick your gear up a notch.


6. Chocolate & mint tea

A match made in heaven is the combo of chocolate and mint. Think mint choc chip ice cream or after dinner mint chocolates - yum! 

The rich taste of chocolate mixed with the refreshing minty flavour tempts your taste buds. A classic pairing, chocolate and mint tea is one of life’s simple pleasures.

What you’ll find in our chocolate & mint tea is the finest peppermint leaves plus yummy chocolate pieces to deliver an indulgent drink.

Sip on our chocolate & mint tea and get your afternoon sweet fix with only a small amount of calories.


7. Lemon & ginger

For a caffeine free tea, lemon & ginger is a good one to have. Lemon and ginger is a classic tea blend. 

During the cooler months, having a lemon & ginger warms your insides just like soul food. The combination of lemon and ginger helps you clear up your stuffy nose if you have a cold. 

It can also help with digestion after a big meal. 

Get an energy boost by having a lemon & ginger tea in the morning. The ginger kick and refreshing lemon is a herbal tea that will keep you going throughout the day.


8. Rooibos tea

Perhaps not as well-known as some of the other teas that are caffeine free, rooibos tea is a surprise packet. With a sweet nutty flavour, you are in for a treat when you drink rooibos tea. It has an earthy tone and a full-bodied flavour and looks so pretty with its copper-like colour. 

Only grown in the Cederberg region of South Africa, rooibos tea uses leaves from the plant to create the top-selling herbal tea in Africa. Rooibos means ‘red bush’ in Afrikaans so rooibos tea is also referred to as red bush tea.

Once you have a taste of our honeybush & rooibos tea or for an indulgent delight, the rooibos creme caramel tea, we guarantee you’ll be hooked!


9. Liquorice & mint tea

Naturally sweet, unexpectedly refreshing and full of flavour, liquorice & mint tea is a popular caffeine free tea.

Let’s chat about the two ingredients of liquorice and mint. Liquorice has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. Liquorice root is known to help with digestion, coughs and infections. Peppermint boosts your immune system and helps with symptoms of the cold. 

When you have liquorice and peppermint, you have a herbal tea that has awesome health benefits. Great to drink after dinner, drinking liquorice & mint tea helps your food go down smoothly.


10. Lemongrass tea

So, you may have heard of lemongrass being used in Asian cooking but did you know it makes a light and lovely drink?

Let’s get a lowdown on lemongrass. Lemongrass is a herb that is native to India, South East Asia and South America. It kinda looks like a long piece of grass (hence the name!) and can even reach up to ten feet high. 

Commonly used as an ingredient in Thai, Vietnamese or Indonesian dishes, lemongrass brings out a lively lemony flavour and aroma. 

Our pure lemongrass tea tastes light, sweet and citrusy. It is a healthy and refreshing drink to start off your day!



There you have it - the top 10 teas that are caffeine free. With a great selection of caffeine free tea from teapigs, you’re spoilt for choice between our peppermint tea, super fruit tea, chamomile tea, apple & cinnamon tea, sweet ginger tea, chocolate & mint, lemon & ginger, rooibos tea, liquorice & mint and lemongrass tea. 

To be enjoyed any time of the day, you can relax knowing that the teas do not have any caffeine. Drink it in the morning, noon or night with no worries.

Tempt your taste buds and have a different one every single day if you like.


FAQs about Caffeine Free Tea

Q. What is the best tasting caffeine free tea?

A. Oooh! That’s a hard one. Everyone has different taste preferences, so it really comes down to personal preference. Whether you like sweet, zesty, fruity or something soothing, we have a caffeine free tea to suit your taste. For eg -

  • sweet taste, have our apple & cinnamon
  • bit of zing, drink our lemongrass tea
  • fruity taste, you can’t go past our super fruit 
  • soothing taste, have our calming chamomile tea


Q. What teas are naturally decaffeinated?

A. Teas that come from the camellia sinensis plant such as black, green or matcha tea all naturally contain caffeine. If you are after teas that are naturally decaffeinated, go for herbal teas. Made from various herbs, flowers, fruits, barks, spices, roots or leaves, herbal teas do not have any caffeine. These teas include peppermint, chamomile and lemongrass. This means you can drink it any time of the day without being affected by caffeine. 

Q. Is Chamomile Tea caffeine free?

A. Yes, it is. Chamomile tea is naturally caffeine free. Made from the pretty daisy-like chamomile flower, it is actually an infusion or tisane. That is why they are called herbal tea. Caffeine free, having a cup of chamomile tea is ideal if you are wanting to kick back and relax or to have a warm mug just before bed.

Q. Which is the best tea that is caffeine free?

A. If you want us to choose the best tea that is caffeine free then that’s a hard one. It’s like choosing which one of your children is your favourite one. We do think all of our caffeine free herbal teas are caffeine free are all good! Have a sweet ginger if you’re feeling feisty, drink our chocolate & mint for a sweet sensation or have a super fruit for a burst of energy.