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If you live in a climate where it's not uncommon to hear “it’s going to be a scorcher”, brewing yourself a warm cuppa may begin to lose its appeal. But we are here to change your mind with a list of the best teas for summer.

If you have only ever been a warm tea person, and the thought of something new like *shock-horror* homemade iced tea feels a little strange, don’t worry! We have found the best summer teas so that you can sit back and sip to survive the stinking hot weather. Plus, we’ll give you a little sneak peek of what’s to come; they aren’t all cold! That’s right; some hot teas have soothing and cooling effects. And before you ask, no, the best teas for summer aren’t just everyday teas with some ice. In fact, the best summer teas can be made hot, but you’ll find they just might cool you down anyway. For more reasons, that one.

You can actually cool down with hot tea. A cup of hot tea usually makes you sweat. When your sweat evaporates, it cools your skin, cooling you down in the process. Aside from that fascinating tidbit, there are a plethora of health benefits associated with tea drinking that is downright suited to warmer weather. To choose from the best teas for summer, look for Some of these benefits; keeping you hydrated, aiding digestion, preventing heat stroke and nausea, boosting energy, being rich in antioxidants, and finally, tea helps keep your lungs healthy.

So let’s slip, slop, slap and sip this summer with the very best summer teas around.

list of some of the best summer teas

Before we dive into it, just a quick note on iced tea: All of our teas can be made into delicious iced tea, so when discussing the best summer teas, always remember you can chuck in some ice to cool it down. It's simple. You just boil the kettle and brew the tea as you usually would. Then we recommend making a big batch and putting it in a jug to keep in the fridge overnight — voila, iced tea whenever you want it. Serve on ice for the ultimate refreshing beverage. Some people like to add honey or even fruit to add a little tang and sweetness.

green tea

Starting off our best teas for summer list is well known favourite, green tea. Green tea is a year-round staple. This delicious and subtle drink is ideal for starting or ending your day. Mix it up this summer and add some new tasty flavours like lemon, ginger or jasmine. Green tea is packed with benefits, like antioxidants galore! Hot green tea can help boost your metabolism if you sip it before a workout or help with digestion if you have a steamy mug after a meal.

Or, if you want to really mix things up this summer season, and experiment with our best summer tea, why not try iced green tea — you can drink it warm or cold and still get the same benefits as long as you steep it long enough to release its antioxidants.

hot black tea

Next up on our list of best teas for summer is the humble black tea. Black tea is a very refreshing and quenching beverage, suitable to keep with you from the cool weather to the steamier months. Naturally caffeinated, black tea is the perfect way to get your day started. It's also helpful to keep your energy up in warmer weather.

The bold flavour of black tea also takes very well to being iced. In fact, many iced tea recipes use black tea as a base and flavour it with different essences. Syrups such as vanilla or added flavours like mint, lemon slices, peach or raspberries can turn your plain iced tea into something offering a luxe store-bought feel. So, brew up a jug and add some ice and enjoy one of the best summer teas with your choice of extras. Trust us; you won't regret it.

arnold palmer

It wouldn't be a list of the best summer teas without an Arnold Palmer. Of the best teas for summer, we will discuss this one is truly unique. But, if you are yet to discover this distinguished beverage, you are in luck. Arnold Palmer combines iced tea and lemonade to make the most refreshing non-alcoholic drink. Many attribute the invention of this beverage to American professional golfer Arnold Palmer, who often requested and drank the beverage combination. 

This summertime mocktail combines iced black tea and lemonade and is served on ice. In Arnold Palmer's recipe, 75% tea was combined with 25% lemonade. However, you can adjust this to your taste. We recommend serving your Arnold Palmer with fresh lemon slices for the ultimate refreshing summer beverage.

peach iced tea

During the summer heat, iced peach tea is the perfect refreshment. To keep things simple from the get-go, peach iced tea isn't usually made with peach tea. It can be made with various teas as the base flavour, a popular choice being earl grey.

From there, it's a pretty basic process. Simply brew and ice your tea as usual, then add sugar syrup and serve over ice and fresh peaches. You can also spruce it up with some mint sprigs for a poolside treat. Our top tip: consider adding honey or maple syrup for one of the best teas for summer.

hot peppermint tea

Another hot tea makes the list of the best teas for summer, but trust us, there’s a good reason. Of all the best summer teas, Peppermint can be a truly refreshing drink on a hot summer day, whether hot or not, thanks to its natural cooling effect. Because it contains menthol, it helps to regulate your body temperature and makes you feel less hot. That's a summer win. Peppermint tea is also a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, offering a refreshing and hydrating option on a warm day. 

If you are someone who suffers from headaches or migraines in the heat, this truly may be one of the best teas for summer for you. Peppermint can relieve headaches and migraines because of its pain-relieving properties. Particularly during the summer, when heat and dehydration can trigger headaches, peppermint tea can be the perfect companion for keeping cool, calm and headache free during hot summer days.

hot lemon and ginger tea

Sixth but not least on our list of the best summer teas is Lemon! Lemon is one of the most naturally refreshing flavours. Adding ginger to the mix is a peppery addition. There's literally nothing better than lemon and ginger tea. We've got the finest lemon ginger tea around; it's a blend of lemongrass, lemon peel, and ginger root. Lemons and ginger both contain antioxidants that can help you stay healthy. Antioxidants in lemon and ginger tea help to boost your health and well-being.

If you are still trying to avoid a hot drink in hot weather, this concoction is also delicious iced. Serve over ice and a fresh slice of lemon; there you have it, one of the best teas for summer.

watermelon and hibiscus cold brew

At Tea Pigs, we have a bit of a special offering. Described as 'a splash of summertime,' our watermelon and hibiscus cold brew is one of the best summer teas on the market. Our cold-brew tea temples behave a little bit differently. Instead of brewing your tea and keeping it in the refrigerator, just put one of our tea temples in your water bottle and head out the door with a refreshing, ready-to-drink iced tea. This transportable beverage is just right for hot Sunday mornings watching the kid's soccer games, as an office companion or as a sweet treat to accompany you to the gym, making it one of the best teas for summer.

cucumber and apple cold brew

Okay, so we couldn't stop with just one cold brew, especially when we have the most refreshing blends around. This is one of the best teas for summer for so many reasons; I mean, seriously, cucumber and apple on a hot day? Dreamy. Just like our watermelon and hibiscus cold brew, this cold brew is super simple — pop the tea temple in your water bottle and off you go. Hot day? There's no need to worry — with cucumber and apple cold brew, you've got a refreshing drink that will help you to forget about the heat.

hot chamomile, sweet apple and lavender

Sweet sleepy goodness at its finest. Don’t be a hot tea hater. Despite being a hot tea, this is one of the best teas for summer, especially balmy summer nights. Because this is a sleepy-time tea, you will be sipping on it in the evening after the weather has calmed down a little. A refreshing chamomile is an evening must-have; adding sweet apple and lavender takes it to the next level. This flowery flavour profile is a sure thing for knocking you out for the evening after a long day. Or take a cheeky midday nap in style with this tasty summer tea—siesta season.

iced tea cocktail

The best is left for last; just add alcohol. Take any of our iced tea suggestions and add your favourite spirit, although if you want, our recommendation — gin takes the crown. Stack your glass with all the best fruity flavours, from berries to citrus slices, or stock up on mint sprigs and ta-da, the ultimate summer evening wind-down. Turns out, this is one of the best teas for summer, for more than just its taste!


That brings our best teas for summer escapade to an end; we hope you found the perfect companion to help you soak up the warmer weather. So whether lounging by the pool or staying inside with the AC pumped up, you will cruise through summer with a delicious beverage by your side.

Some of us will convert to be iced tea legends, while others will keep repping the same old hot teas despite the weather; whatever tea temperature tickles your fancy this summer season, we wish you a summer of delicious beverage after delicious beverage. For the best-iced teas this summer, check out our summer shop, where you can find all of the most delicious suited-for-summer drinks.

faqs on summer teas

Q. which tea is better for summer?

A. During the summer, you can enjoy many different types of tea. The following teas are our top picks for the best teas for summer. They are incredibly refreshing and hydrating in the heat of summer; green tea, peppermint tea, lemon and ginger tea and, of course, our range of cold brews.

Q. which tea cools the body?

A. There aren't any teas that can actually lower your body temperature, but some teas may cool you down. The best teas for summer heat are known for their cooling properties: peppermint tea, cucumber tea, hibiscus tea and chamomile tea.

Q. which herbal tea is good for hot weather?

A. Hot weather is the perfect time to drink herbal teas because they're refreshing, hydrating, and caffeine-free. Here are some herbal teas that are the some of the best teas for summer time: peppermint tea, lemon balm tea, hibiscus tea, chamomile tea and rooibos tea.

Q. is black tea good for summer?

A. The short answer — it's up to you. Because of its versatility, black tea is definitely one of the best teas for summer. While black tea contains caffeine that can dehydrate, most people don't stop drinking coffee in the cooler months. Black tea can also be a refreshing and hydrating option. Plus, just like coffee, black tea makes it easy to swap to an iced option.

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