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one treat that truly carries the essence of australian history is the iconic anzac biscuit. these crunchy treats have an incredible story to tell, and as a bonus – they're simply delicious.

the anzac biscuits recipe invented by soldiers' wives didn't just make biscuits that served a crucial purpose but turned out downright delicious too. and we absolutely adore them!

if you're fascinated by their history and tempted by their taste, look no further. our recipe provides an easy method to recreate these treats in the comfort of your own kitchen. so, get ready to enjoy a whole lot of yum with our go-to guide on how to make anzac biscuits!

anzac biscuits recipe

what are anzac biscuits?

they are crunchy and sweet biscuits made with oats, flour, sugar, butter, golden syrup and a bit of coconut. they're an amazing treat with a special place in aussie history!

during world war i, aussie and kiwi soldiers were far from home, and their wives back in oz sent them these biscuits. the biscuits had a remarkable shelf life, so they were perfect for the long journey overseas.

nowadays, anzac cookies are still a big deal, especially around australian and new zealand army corps (anzac) day – a tasty way to honour our soldiers.

so, if you ever get a chance to try one, don’t miss out! but why wait? we have a better idea – try our anzac biscuits recipe and make these treats at home.

how to make Anzac biscuits?

these biscuits are incredibly simple and don’t require much preparation, making them quick to get into the oven. follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to make anzac biscuits effortlessly.


Total Servings:-



Preparation Time:-

10 Minutes


Cooking Times:-

15 minutes


Nutritional Value:-

128 calories, 6g fat, 18g carbs, 1g protein


Recipe Category:-






  • Oven
  • Bowl
  • Saucepan
  • Baking Trays

Here’s all that goes into the Anzac biscuits recipe.


  • 110 g plain flour
  • 75 g oats (whole)
  • 60 g coconut (unsweetened and desiccated)
  • 125 g caster sugar
  • 100 g unsalted butter
  • 3 tbsp golden syrup (note below)
  • ½ tsp baking soda

Let’s look at all the steps of the Anzac biscuits recipe.


preheat oven and prepare baking trays: set your oven to preheat at 160°c and line 2 baking trays with baking paper.

combine dry ingredients: now, add the rolled oats, flour, coconut and sugar to a bowl and mix them together until well combined. these ingredients form the base of your biscuit’s dough.

melt butter and syrup: use a small saucepan to melt the unsalted butter and golden syrup over medium heat. after adding the ingredients and placing the saucepan on heat, stir to get a smooth mixture. this mixture adds moisture to your dough.

dissolve baking soda: now, use a small bowl to mix the baking soda with hot water – let the baking soda dissolve fully.

be careful not to let the mixture bubble over – just remove the bowl from the heat as soon as you notice fizzing. this step helps activate the baking soda, which assists in the rising of the biscuits.

combine wet and dry ingredients: pour the melted butter mixture and the dissolved baking soda into the bowl of dry ingredients. stir well until all the ingredients are properly mixed. use the mixture to make the dough.

shape the dough: grab a portion of dough (about one tablespoon), roll it into a ball and place it onto the prepared baking trays. repeat this process for the rest of the dough.

just a heads up – these biscuits will spread while baking, so remember to leave some space between them on the trays. now, gently flatten each ball on the top. you can use your fingers or a spoon.

bake the biscuits: get the baking trays into the oven and let the biscuits bake for 15 minutes. remember, the exact timing can differ for every oven, so it’s best to use the visual clues – they’ll turn golden brown. to prevent excessive browning, keep an eye on them as they approach the end of the baking time.

cool them up and enjoy: when the time’s up, remove the biscuits from the oven and allow them to cool for a few minutes. the rest of the cooling can be done on a wire rack. now comes the best part – enjoying the success of the anzac biscuits recipe with a cup of tea!

note: golden syrup is a thick, sweet liquid made from sugar, water and a small amount of citric acid. its alternative can be honey or corn syrup.

tips for perfect anzac biscuits

let’s explore tips on how to make anzac biscuits perfectly – every single time!

  • dough consistency. the dough should be firm for rolling into balls without sticking but moist enough for flattening without crumbling.

  • now, oats from different brands have different absorbing abilities. so, if your dough feels too sticky, mix some more flour, or mix in extra melted butter if it's too dry. but don't get stressed – the anzac biscuits recipe lets you experiment!
  • spacing between biscuits. maintain proper spacing between the biscuits spread out before baking. for standard-size biscuits, about 2.5 cm between each dough ball works well to prevent merging.
  • arrangement of baking trays. when you're baking those biscuits, don't forget to adjust your oven racks! make sure there's plenty of space between the trays for even heat circulation. and remember to swap those trays halfway through baking, for perfectly browned biscuits!
  • adjustment for chewy or crispy. it’s easy to get the chewy or crispy texture of the cookies. just adjust the baking time to get the desired result. take them out of the oven 3-5 minutes early for chewiness or follow our anzac biscuits recipe for those crispy biscuits!

anzac biscuits: chewy or crispy

The Anzac biscuits recipe may be easy, but it comes with its share of debate on the perfect texture – crispy or chewy. Some prefer their Anzac biscuits recipe to craft cookies with a satisfying crunch, while others savour the indulgence of a chewy centre. The good news is, with our Anzac biscuits recipe, you can tailor the texture.

For those who crave a chewy texture in the baked goods of their Anzac biscuits recipe, a slight adjustment in bake time will do the trick. By reducing the time spent in the oven by just a few minutes, you can create chewy Anzac cookies.

variations and customisations

now that you know how to make anzac biscuits in the classic style, it’s time to explore exciting variations and customisations! from chocolate chip versions to the nutty ones, the anzac biscuits recipe lets you customise this beloved aussie treat in several ways.

chocolate chip anzac cookies: make the classic ones chocolaty by adding some chocolate chips. simply insert chocolate chips into the tops of the biscuits before baking. the result will be a fusion of notes from the golden syrup combined with the taste of melty chocolate – creating a treat that'll please the chocolate lovers in your network. if you’re making these treats for kids, you can insert candy-coated chocolate buttons into the top of the biscuits for some colourful variation.

nutty anzac cookies: making the nutty variation is as easy as the classic version. if you like the nutty crunch in your biscuits, add chopped nuts such as almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts to the flour mix before making the dough. you can mix them directly or first toast the nuts a bit before you add them to the biscuit dough.

gluten-free options: you don't need to refrain from enjoying anzac cookies if you’ve got gluten sensitivity! just swap the regular oats and flour with gluten-free options to ensure the biscuits align with your diet.

additionally, make sure that all other ingredients, such as golden syrup, are gluten-free. with these changes in place, your anzac biscuits recipe will retain the texture and flavour of the original and give you a delicious gluten-free treat.

serving suggestions

pairing with drinks: the crunchy treats are very adaptable and go perfectly with hot drinks. you can enjoy them with black teas like english breakfast or earl grey. or try a soothing herbal tea like chamomile for a refreshing contrast. they pair equally well with coffee. so, take your pick and enjoy!

golden syrup anzac cheesecake: can serve as an elegant presentation option for any special occasion. it looks amazing and tastes delicious – you'll taste the oats, coconut and golden syrup in every bite of the base and creamy filling. and of course, it’s topped with a golden syrup caramel sauce to complete the look. alternatively, you can even top it with honey-roasted macadamias for a delicate crunch and an enhanced presentation.

lime pie with anzac cookie crust: offers a delicious twist for your special occasions. it’s an interesting fusion of key lime pie and anzac cookies!


so, learning how to make anzac biscuits couldn’t be easier. just gather the ingredients and get started – before you know it, you'll be enjoying these crunchy biscuits fresh from the oven.

but don't hesitate to customise these biscuits to your liking! creating variations is also easy – you can make them nutty with some walnuts or add some colourful candy-coated chocolate buttons to make them extra fun for the little ones.  

although there’s nothing too complicated, if you ever encounter any challenges, refer to our tips and make perfect biscuits every single time.

you’re all set – now, go ahead and give them a shot!

faqs on anzac biscuits recipe

q. what is the origin of anzac biscuits?

a. during world war i soldiers' wives created the recipe for the first time. they baked these biscuits to send to troops overseas and designed them to last long without spoiling. they turned out perfect for the journey and remain a symbol of remembrance even today.

q. why are they called anzac biscuits?

a. they’re named after the australian and new zealand army corps (anzac) soldiers who received them during world war i. they were initially named "soldier's biscuits" but then underwent a name change to become known as anzac biscuits.

q. can i make anzac biscuits without golden syrup?

a. golden syrup is a traditional ingredient in anzac cookies, but you can easily make them without it. you can use honey or corn syrup as substitutes, for similar sweetness and moisture to the biscuits.

q. how long do anzac biscuits last?

a. when you store anzac cookies in an airtight container, they stay crispy for about a week. afterwards, they may soften slightly but still remain enjoyable. to restore their crispiness, just bake them in a preheated oven for five minutes.


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