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When it comes to treasured moments, we know that they're made even sweeter when shared with mates and a cracking cocktail. That's why we've put our hearts into crafting a classic margarita recipe that you can recreate and enjoy without a trip to the likes of Bar Patron.

This classic margarita recipe is the perfect starting point for those venturing into the world of mixology. It’s easy to make and is also one of the drinks that we Aussies have embraced with open arms and glasses! So, grab your limes, tequila and orange liqueur – it's time to whip up the classic margarita recipe.

Margarita Recipe

what is margarita?

A classic margarita recipe is a simple yet mighty trio of ingredients: tequila, lime juice and orange liqueur. These three powerhouses come together to create the foundation of this iconic cocktail with a touch of wildness from the bold embrace of tequila, the zesty tang of freshly squeezed lime juice and a delicate sweetness from orange liqueur that perfectly balances the tartness.

Whether blended with ice or served on the rocks, the margarita will always be an Aussie favourite that’s tangy, smooth and utterly irresistible. They're the ultimate companion for those scorching summers as well as the chilly winters.

how to make margarita?

Get ready to unleash your inner mixologist as we spill the beans on how to make margarita – it’s time to unravel the classic margarita recipe.


Total Servings:-



Preparation Time:-

5 Minutes


Cooking Times:-

0 minutes


Nutritional Value:-

147 calories, 0g fat, 2g carbs, 0g protein


Recipe Category:-





equipment: Cocktail shaker


  • 45ml of tequila
  • 20ml of freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 20ml of Cointreau
  • Ice cubes
  • Kosher salt (optional, for rimming glasses)
  • Lime wedges for garnish

Here’re the step-by-step details of the best margarita recipe.


Step 1: Prepare Your Glass

Start by preparing your glass to enhance the margarita experience. Take a lime wedge and gently rub it along the rim of the glass, coating it with a thin layer of lime juice. Spread a layer of kosher salt on a plate and gently press the rim of the glass into the salt until it adheres – that’s for a delightful salty kick.

Step 2: Shake It Up

Now, it's time to bring the best margarita recipe to life! Toss in some ice into your cocktail shaker. Pour in tequila, lime juice and Cointreau. The combination of tequila's smoothness, the tanginess of lime and the subtle sweetness of Cointreau is the secret behind the margarita's irresistible flavour profile.

Step 3: Shake with Gusto

Hold on tight and give that shaker a good shake! Shake vigorously for about 15 seconds, allowing the mixture to chill and the flavours to mingle, resulting in a perfectly balanced margarita.

Step 4: Strain and Serve

Grab your strainer and place it over your prepared glass. Transfer the drink from the shaker into the glass, allowing the liquid to flow gracefully.

Step 5: Garnish and Indulge

Take a fresh lime wedge and give it a gentle squeeze, adding some lime juice into your margarita. This adds an extra burst of citrusy freshness. Now, place the lime wedge on the rim of the glass, a vibrant garnish that not only looks appealing but also adds an aromatic touch. Enjoy!

A delightful variation of the classic margarita recipe

Start by steeping a teapigs tea temple (either Earl Grey tea or Rhubarb and ginger tea) in one cup of hot water. Remove the tea temple after 5 minutes and let the tea cool down. Add tequila, fresh lime juice, tea and Cointreau to a cocktail shaker. Shake and serve.

some tips and tricks to make the best margarita recipe

Let's crack the code on how to make margarita like a true-blue mixologist. Here’re some tips and tricks to make the best margarita recipe.

Tequila choice: When it comes to crafting the best margarita recipe that truly stands out, one crucial tip is to use tequila made exclusively from the agave plant. Always opt for 100% agave tequila, and you'll unlock a whole new level of flavour and quality.

Lime juice: Say goodbye to bottled lime juice from the store and embrace the zesty goodness of hand-squeezed citrus for your margarita recipe. The burst of natural flavour and brightness will elevate your margarita recipe to new heights, ensuring a refreshing and authentic taste.

Ice: When it comes to perfecting your margarita recipe, size does matter, especially when it comes to the ice. Avoid using tiny ice cubes (and stay away from crushed ice), as they melt faster and dilute your margarita. Use bigger ice cubes in the cocktail shaker, so your margarita gets chilled faster without excessive dilution.

Shaken not stirred: When it comes to mixing up margaritas, it's time to shake things up, quite literally! The vigorous shaking is the secret to achieving that mesmerizing cloudiness (through the tiny bubbles), frothy texture and all-around awesome appearance.


In a nutshell, mastering the art of how to make margarita is like unlocking a flavourful paradise. With its simple yet exquisite combination of tequila, lime juice and Cointreau, the classic margarita stands tall as an iconic cocktail that never disappoints.

Whether you prefer it on the rocks or blended, the classic margarita recipe is a testament to the power of balanced flavours and the joy of mixology. So, unleash your spirit, gather the ingredients and dive into the cocktail world by trying out the classic margarita recipe.

faqs on margarita recipe

Q. What is the formula for a margarita?

A. Typically, the margarita recipe follows a classic formula of 2 parts tequila to 1 part lime juice and 1 part orange liqueur. This winning combo delivers an amazing blend of zesty citrus, smooth agave spirit and just the right touch of sweetness. And that’s how the classic margarita recipe is made.

Q. What is a classic margarita made of?

A. A classic margarita recipe is made of three key ingredients: pure agave tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice and orange liqueur like Cointreau. All of them are shaken up with ice and strained into a glass. That’s all there is to make a classic margarita.

Q. What is the most popular flavour of margarita?

A. When it comes to the most popular margarita flavour, lime takes the crown without a doubt. It's the go-to choice for those seeking the classic and authentic margarita experience. Bursting with zesty citrus goodness, it's a refreshing and iconic choice that perfectly captures the essence of the classic margarita recipe.

Q. What are 2 ways to serve a margarita?

A. When it comes to serving a margarita, you've got a couple of cracking choices - on the rocks or frozen. And let's not forget about the glass rim – you can opt for the classic salt rim, a sweet sugar rim or leave it bare.


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