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matcha is not just for tea anymore – we’ve been enjoying everything infused with matcha, and now it’s time to enjoy it in the world of mixology. this finely ground green tea brings a unique kick to classic and inventive alcoholic drinks and lets you discover a new level of deliciousness with a matcha cocktail.

so, here’s an opportunity to explore the earthy taste of matcha, which fitness enthusiasts, chefs and even mixologists are experimenting with. we encourage you to celebrate the art of mixology with a twist to create a trendy and tantalising matcha cocktail. give our matcha drink recipe a try and improve your cocktail experience!

what is a matcha cocktail?

a matcha tea cocktail is a delicious blend of matcha and various alcoholic spirits. most likely, you're familiar with matcha, but if not, it's a japanese green tea created in powdered form. it tastes a little bitter and plant-like, and it has a bright green colour because of its extraordinary chlorophyll content.

the reasons it goes so well with various alcoholic spirits such as wines, brandies and gins are its unique consistency and mild flavour. mixologists like that and often experiment with the balance of sweet, bitter and herbal notes to create a refreshing drink with a matcha combination.

the experiments of mixologists have resulted in numerous cocktails, and we have our favourites among them. and we're excited to share one of our favourites – a matcha drink recipe that we think you'll love. it’s a lively matcha tea cocktail that showcases matcha powder along with gin, simple syrup and some lemon juice – the perfect drink to unwind with at the end of a hectic week.

how to prepare a classic matcha cocktail

before getting started with our matcha drink recipe, let's share why we think you’ll enjoy this drink. firstly, it’s a visually stunning and appealing matcha cocktail that’ll impress your guests and secondly, this matcha green tea cocktail has delish and well-balanced flavours. and to top it all, making this matcha drink recipe is a breeze!


Total Servings:-



Preparation Time:-

5 Minutes


Cooking Times:-

10 minutes


Nutritional Value:-

330 calories, 0g fat, 52g carbs, 2g protein


Recipe Category:-






  • matcha bowl or regular small bowl
  • matcha whisk or any other
  • cocktail shaker
  • strainer
  • jigger or a measuring cup


  • 1 tsp matcha powder
  • 120 ml gin
  • 20 ml hot water
  • 40 ml lemon juice
  • 120 ml simple syrup
  • 2 egg whites (optional)

before you get to our matcha drink recipe, we recommend that you review a brief note on the ingredients.

matcha powder: you’ll get the best results by using ceremonial grade matcha, but the premium grade works well too. just remember to stay away from lower-grade matcha used in cooking and smoothies as it has a stronger flavour and may be more bitter than required for the cocktail.

hot water: ensure your water is heated to the ideal temperature of about 79°c for the optimal brewing of matcha powder.

lemon juice: use freshly squeezed lemon juice for the best flavour of your cocktail.

simple syrup: this sweetener for the cocktail can be prepared beforehand by dissolving equal amounts of sugar and water in a saucepan. for instance, combine 1 cup of sugar with 1 cup of water and heat until the sugar fully dissolves.

egg whites: their sole purpose is to create a frothy white layer on the surface of the cocktail. if you’ve concerns regarding raw eggs, you can use pasteurised eggs or skip using them.


whisking matcha: if you like to experience the traditional style, get a matcha bowl or simply use a regular small bowl. then pour the matcha powder into the hot water (that you just heated) and vigorously whisk them until a smooth consistency is achieved, making sure it’s not lumpy.

dry shake: pour all in the ingredients into a shaker, seal it and shake vigorously without ice for about a minute or till a frothy consistency is achieved.

wet shake: shake once more, but this time with ice added to the shaker. shake it till you can feel its chill. use a strainer and pour the contents into cocktail glasses, allowing the frothy egg white to settle at the top.

garnish: sprinkle the matcha green tea cocktail with a touch of matcha powder and enjoy the gorgeous look and delicious flavours!

remember these two tips:

  • always use hot water instead of boiling, when brewing matcha, to avoid spoiling the taste.
  • for the first shake of the gin sour cocktail, shake vigorously for at least a minute to froth the egg white and create the creamy white layer.

exploring variations and creativity

let’s explore how matcha mixology works with various alcoholic spirits and gives us some creative cocktails.

  • matcha margarita is a refreshing drink that perfectly combines the bold notes of tequila, the citrusy essence of triple sec, the earthy flavour of matcha and the zing of lime juice. it’s an extraordinary twist on the classic margarita.
  • matcha whisky highball is another example of how versatile matcha is. when it’s combined with the warmth of whisky and complemented by the citrusy kick of lemon juice, it results in a fantastic blend. you can use either a japanese whisky or any one of your favourites.
  • matcha mojito is a creative fusion of cuban and japanese flavours. in this drink matcha is combined with white rum, lime juice, soda water and fresh mint. it surpasses the classic mojito – making it a popular choice, especially during warm weather.
  • matcha colada pushes the boundaries of matcha by blending it with coconut milk and white rum.

matcha cocktails vs other green tea drinks

the key distinction lies in the type of green tea used. matcha is a finely powdered green tea with a concentrated and robust flavour. however, other green teas have a milder taste.

matcha cocktails and green tea drinks serve distinct purposes and cater to different occasions. for instance, matcha tea cocktails have bold flavours and creative blends, making them well-suited for social gatherings, celebrations and trendy events as they add an exciting element to parties.

on the other hand, traditional green tea drinks, such as green tea lattes or plain brewed green tea, are often enjoyed in everyday settings. energising drinks (like lattes) made with green tea may be enjoyed as morning indulgence or during coffee shop visits, while plain green tea works wonders with its calming properties, making it a preferred choice for moments of relaxation.


as we conclude our guide on matcha cocktails, it's clear that this finely powdered green tea brings a unique and robust flavour to the world of mixology. the versatility of matcha shines in every cocktail from vibrant matcha mojitos to sophisticated matcha whisky highballs. the concentrated and robust flavour of this finely powdered tea effortlessly adapts to various alcoholic spirits.

matcha's presence in mixology is a dose of boldness and innovation, inviting you to improve your taste and embrace the amazing flavours of drinks infused with this amazing tea. so, let your inner mixologist start with this matcha tea cocktail and continue experimenting with it.

faqs on matcha cocktail

q. can i make a non-alcoholic matcha cocktail?

a. you can easily make a non-alcoholic matcha cocktail that tastes amazing. just blend ceremonial grade matcha powder with fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and a little soda water. shake it up with ice, strain it into a glass, and garnish it with a lemon twist - a refreshing alcohol-free matcha treat awaits!

q. what's the significance of matcha in cocktail making?

a. matcha brings a unique twist to classic cocktails by infusing a concentrated and vibrant flavour. its finely powdered form makes seamless blending easier and also adds depth and creativity to cocktails. whether you use it in classic cocktails or innovative blends, the resulting matcha green tea cocktails offer a distinctive taste.

q. are there any specific garnishes that work best with matcha cocktails?

a. matcha cocktails shine with garnishes that complement their vibrant flavour. for example, lemon twists add a stimulating brightness to drinks, edible flowers provide an elegant touch and a sprinkle of additional matcha powder enhances the visual appeal. you can also experiment with mint leaves or berries to further improve the overall presentation and taste.

q. what's the origin of the matcha cocktail?

a. the origin of the matcha cocktail cannot be exactly traced to a particular period, however, the rich traditions of japanese tea ceremonies have influenced it. bartenders worldwide liked the idea of incorporating it into innovative and classic cocktails, creating their own matcha green tea cocktails.


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