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in the busy mornings where time is a precious commodity, finding a breakfast that combines convenience with nutrition is the ultimate goal. that’s exactly what you achieve with chia pudding! a delicious option loaded with protein, omega-3s and fibre, promising a powerhouse start to your day.

now, all you need is our easy chia pudding recipe – simple, quick and perfect as a breakfast option…or a satisfying snack for any time of day. you’ll enjoy how the subtle notes of vibrant green tea enhance the taste, nutrition and the visual appeal, all in one go.

what is chia pudding?

chia breakfast pudding is a tasty and nourishing treat made by soaking chia seeds in a liquid – milk or yoghurt – until they turn into a pudding-like texture.

the (not so) secret behind the pudding's strength lies in the tiny chia seeds themselves. these mexican seeds contain fibre, protein and omega-3 fatty acids with an incredible ability to absorb liquid, soaking over 10 times their weight!

when soaked overnight, chia seeds transform from tiny seeds resembling poppy seeds into a gelatinous texture, like cooked tapioca. the soaking is mostly all you need to do to make this pudding. when you’re ready to eat, just add the toppings and enjoy.

a chia seed pudding recipe is super easy to make in just a few minutes and can be customised with your favourite toppings like fruits and nuts.

step-by-step guide on how to make chia pudding

creating a delicious chia breakfast pudding is as simple as can be, especially, with our easy guide on how to make chia pudding.

start by warming your favourite milk and infusing it with green tea bags and sweetener. in just a few minutes on heat, the milk is ready for chia seeds. just pour them in, stir well and let it sit for a while. after just a few hours, watch your chia seeds transform into a smooth, creamy and vibrant green pudding.

while it’s nice and nutritious with this much soaking, you can soak it overnight and wake up to a hassle-free and ready-to-eat breakfast – just add some toppings and get a healthy start to the day!

let’s see all the steps of the recipe and understand how to make chia pudding without any hassle.


Total Servings:-



Preparation Time:-

15 Minutes


Cooking Times:-

0 minutes


Nutritional Value:-

138 calories, 9g fat, 12g carbs, 4g protein


Recipe Category:-







  • jar with lid
  • bowls

Let’s see what goes into the chia pudding recipe.


  • 4 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 2 tablespoon honey (or stevia)
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
  • 2 teas bags green tea (or 2 tsp matcha powder)
  • 1 cup non-dairy milk (almond milk or any other)
  • fruits and nuts for topping (optional)

Here’re all the steps of the chia pudding recipe.


  1. gather all the ingredients: while there aren't many, it's always a good idea to ensure your kitchen is stocked with them.
  2. boil milk: begin by gently warming the milk. once warmed, remove it from the heat and set it aside.
  3. infuse milk with flavours: once it’s warm, add green tea bags to the warm milk. if you’re using matcha powder, whisk to ensure a smooth mixture without clumps. then add honey, stir and let them steep for a few minutes. usually around 5 minutes is all it takes for a good infusion, but you can extend the steeping time for a stronger flavour. consider steeping for 10 minutes if you prefer a bolder taste in your chia pudding recipe.
  4. taste-test and proceed: now that the infusion is done, gently squeeze the tea bags to extract any remaining flavour before discarding them. taste-test the infused milk and adjust its sweetness by adding more sweetener if required. allow the mixture to cool down before continuing.
  5. let the soaking begin: now just pour the chia seeds into a jar and add the infused milk. stir well to ensure proper mixing, and then set it aside for 5 minutes. then, stir it once more to ensure there’s no clumping. cover the jar and refrigerate for 1-2 hours or overnight.
  6. enjoy the treat: wake up to a delicious breakfast – the creamy pudding awaits. if the pudding is nice and thick, you’re all set to enjoy! but if it’s a bit runny, just add some chia seeds and let it soak for another 20-25 minutes. alternatively, if it’s too thick, add some more milk. top it off with nuts and fresh fruits. enjoy.

secret tips and tricks to make the best overnight chia pudding

explore some secret tips and tricks to make your overnight chia breakfast pudding absolutely perfect every single time.

chia seeds to liquid ratio:

to soak the chia seeds well, ensure that the seeds are fully immersed in the preferred liquid. a ratio of 1:4 works well – that’s 4 tablespoons of chia seeds for each cup of milk as per our recipe.

soaking time:

let the seeds soak in almond milk or your preferred liquid until they reach a chewy consistency. this usually takes about 20 minutes. however, allowing the chia seeds to soak overnight maximises their nutritional benefits, as the extended soaking period activates their enzymes and enhances their nourishing properties. it also gets you this ultra-creamy pudding-like texture.

stir to avoid clumps:

before refrigerating it to soak overnight, remember to stir it well. this helps in getting rid of the clumps. it’s best to wait approximately 5 minutes after the first stir, then giving it another gentle mix before placing it in the fridge.

ways to store leftover chia pudding:

this pudding is usually scooped up entirely, with no leftovers remaining for storage. but it can be done easily when needed.


to keep your chia breakfast pudding fresh for up to a week, store the entire batch in a mixing bowl in the refrigerator. this way, you and your family can easily scoop out portions whenever you want.

for meal prep, you can easily pre-portion your pudding into individual containers for quick and convenient servings.


if you want to store it for longer periods, you can freeze individual servings for up to 3 months.

variations of chia pudding

When it comes to chia pudding recipes, the possibilities for creative variations are immense. With the chia seed as the base, you can experiment with an array of flavours and textures.

  • Replace the Earl Grey with Matcha green tea in your chia seed recipe for a healthier variety.
  • Transform your chia pudding recipe into a tropical delight by adding diced mangoes, shredded coconut and some zesty lime.
  • For an extravagant twist, create a chocolate chia pudding recipe that has cacao powder and a topping of crushed almonds.
  • To capture the essence of the winter season, try a spiced chia seed pudding recipe. The pudding is infused with warm cinnamon, nutmeg and a dollop of pureed pumpkin.
  • For a refreshing summer treat, enjoy a chia pudding recipe that includes juicy berries and some honey.

Irrespective of your preference, the versatility of chia pudding recipe allows you to tailor it to your taste preferences and dietary needs.

tips for perfect chia pudding every time

try these tips for perfect chia breakfast pudding – every time.

consistency of the pudding:

start by following a good chia pudding recipe with recommended ratios of chia seeds to liquid. then observe how it turns out.

if your pudding turns out too thick, simply add a bit more milk or liquid of your choice and stir well until to get the right thickness. alternatively, if your pudding is too runny, add in a some more chia seeds. then, mix thoroughly and allow it to soak for a bit longer.

for future batches, take note of any adjustments you made, and use them to get the perfect consistency every time.

personise your chia seed pudding recipe:

by adding your preferred flavours, you make the chia seed pudding recipe your own. just like we improved our recipe with green tea (or matcha powder), you can mix in chocolate chips or experiment with different teas like darjeeling earl grey.  

chia pudding in australian cuisine

chia pudding is very much a part of australian breakfast culture! while aussies enjoy the standard chia seed pudding recipe – we don’t stick to the basics. we love adding our own twist by including local flavours like mango puree with lemon juice or whisking up coconut milk with agave nectar to colourful layers of matcha, beetroot and blue spirulina.

but our creativity doesn’t stop with the core ingredients of the pudding – we’ve also personalised the toppings! from fresh seasonal fruits and crunchy nuts to crumbled granola bar, we’ve tried it all, making aussie chia breakfast pudding a vibrant and delicious choice.

as we continue to prioritise wholesome and delicious breakfast options, this pudding remains one of our preferred choices.


learning how to make chia pudding is a smart move towards introducing healthy and delicious options to your breakfast table.

while lots of healthier breakfast options can sometimes fall out of our morning routine, this one's a keeper for sure! there are plenty of reasons why it's a great choice and can stick around as a regular part of your healthy lifestyle. from its nutritious and delicious profile to its customisable quality and ease of preparation – this pudding ticks all the boxes for a perfect breakfast option.

so, go ahead and try it out.

faqs on chia pudding recipe

Q. Do you soak chia seeds in milk or water?

A. In your chia seed pudding recipe, you have the option to soak chia seeds in either milk or water. Both methods work well but soaking them in milk adds a creamy touch to your chia breakfast pudding. Choose your preference and enjoy the nutritious goodness of these versatile seeds.

Q. can chia pudding be made the night before?

A. by making chia breakfast pudding the night before you can save a lot of time in the morning. simply mix the ingredients and let it be in the fridge overnight. it's convenient, nutritious and perfect for busy mornings!

Q. is chia pudding suitable for a gluten-free diet?

A. chia seeds are naturally gluten-free, and when combined with gluten-free milk and sweeteners, chia pudding becomes a great addition to your gluten-free diet. the pudding is easily customisable to include the ingredients you prefer.

Q. How long does the chia pudding take to thicken?

A. After mixing the chia seeds with the liquid, chia pudding typically takes about 2 hours to start thickening. However, for a more desirable consistency, chia pudding recipes recommend overnight soaking in the fridge. This allows proper absorption, leading to a delightful texture.


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