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when you’re keen on switching to healthier breakfast options, a strawberry smoothie is an easy way to make the change. this delicious treat lets you transition without the typical pains of switching to a healthy routine. once you’re comfortable with the change, including other more nutritious options (even less appetising ones) into your routine becomes easy. 

to easily include the smoothie into your routine, let our strawberry smoothie recipe be your guide. it provides all the details on how to make a strawberry smoothie and can help you get started easily. we’ll also share some ideas for the smoothie’s variations and tips for making the perfect one.

what is a strawberry smoothie?

made with strawberries, milk and yoghurt, a strawberry smoothie is a versatile creation – a treat, a breakfast option and a healthy drink all in one. it’s no wonder both adults and kids love it! additionally, it solves the problem of lesser fruit consumption – it’s an easy way for everyone to sneak more fruit into their routine.

why a treat? well, it's like enjoying a dessert! the creamy texture and sweet flavour make it just as satisfying as other traditional desserts.

it’s a no-brainer as a breakfast choice – satisfying and convenient. it's quick to prepare and can be loaded with oats, nuts or protein powder. this makes it a fantastic option for busy mornings when you need something filling...but fast!

lastly, it qualifies as a healthy drink due to its vitamin c, fibre and antioxidants from strawberries, combined with protein and healthy fats from milk and yoghurt.

strawberry smoothie recipe

the encouraging part about learning how to make a strawberry smoothie is that it’s not complicated! you just need a few ingredients and minimal effort to make this smoothie – and this recipe is a tried and tested proof of that. making it is as simple as getting all the ingredients into your blender and mixing them until you have a drink that’s thick and creamy.

as long as the ratio of the ingredients is right, you’ll get a drink with the perfect consistency – neither watery nor too thick to be enjoyed as a drink.

let’s start with some recommendations on the ingredients required to learn how to make a strawberry smoothie.

strawberries: you can make this smoothie using either fresh or frozen strawberries. however, we use frozen berries for a thicker smoothie. if you're using fresh berries, simply add a few ice cubes to get more thickness.

other fruits: using orange and a frozen banana in your strawberry smoothie recipe gets you extra fruity flavours. plus, using a frozen banana (that’s cut into chunks) boosts the smoothie's natural sweetness and creaminess.

greek yoghurt: the creamier the better! that’s one of the reasons for adding greek yoghurt. apart from adding creaminess and boosting the protein content in the smoothie, it also thickens its texture.

milk: you need this to balance the thickness created by greek yoghurt and can use dairy milk, soy milk, cashew milk… whatever you want!

optional ingredients: you won't really need anything additional as the taste is already amazing with the ingredients listed above. but for a bit of variety, you can add one or more of these ingredients – pineapple chunks, a mix of berries or cocoa powder. or whey protein, if you want to make it richer in protein.


Total Servings:-



Preparation Time:-

10 Minutes


Cooking Times:-

0 minutes


Nutritional Value:-

206 calories, 6g fat, 33g carbs, 9g protein


Recipe Category:-






  • blender
  • knife
  • glasses

here are the 4 ingredients used in our recipe for strawberry smoothie.


  • 1½ cups frozen strawberries (whole)
  • ½ cup milk
  • ½ cup greek yoghurt
  • 1 banana (small)
  • ½ orange (medium)


  • start organised: the ingredient list is short and easy to organise – just make sure you have all five of them with you. usually, a sweetener is not required but it’s a good idea to check your stock for the preferred one.
  • prepare the fruits: just a little thawing is required for the frozen strawberries. if you’re using fresh strawberries, rinse them well and remove the stems. slice the banana into smaller pieces, and peel and quarter the orange.
  • blend them: add all the ingredients (starting with the fruits) into a blender and start blending them on low speed. gradually increase to a higher speed and continue until you get a smooth mixture. during blending, pause and check the consistency of your smoothie – if it’s too thick for you, add some milk and blend again. you can taste it for sweetness and add honey (or any other sweetener) if needed.
  • pour, serve and enjoy: if the taste and consistency are right for you, pour the smoothie into glasses and enjoy!

variations of strawberry smoothie

we’re confident that once you know how to make a strawberry smoothie, you’ll be eager to explore its variations. and why not – this smoothie lets you get creative, allowing you to tailor your drink in various ways. here are some variations to explore:

tropical twist: add pineapple chunks and coconut milk for the tropical taste in your smoothie.

berry burst: mix in a variety of berries like blueberries, raspberries or blackberries for a berry-packed smoothie that’s rich in antioxidants.

green strawberry flavour: sneak in some leafy greens for an intriguing twist. spinach or kale work well to enhance both the flavour and the nutritional benefits of your smoothie.

protein powerhouse: boost your strawberry smoothie recipe with a scoop of your favourite protein powder – ideal for post-workout recovery.

choco-strawberry delight: you can even add a touch of cocoa powder and chocolate-almond milk to your smoothie for a luscious chocolate-covered strawberry experience.

creamy avocado strawberry version: replace the banana with avocado for a creamy and healthy twist. this variation is a creamy breakfast-friendly blend that's not only delicious but also high in vitamin k.

spicy strawberry zing: learn how to make a strawberry smoothie in the sweeter variations, and then kick things up with a cayenne pepper or jalapeño for a sweet and spicy fusion.

ways to freeze fruit for smoothies

freezing strawberries is a straightforward process, whether you're dealing with a handful or a large batch. although you can freeze whole strawberries with their edible tops intact, they tend to be too large for effortless blending. moreover, defrosting them before chopping them into smaller pieces for various culinary uses becomes necessary.

to simplify the process, it's more practical to remove the tops and slice the berries before freezing. this approach ensures that your frozen strawberries are ready to use without any additional defrosting steps, making them more versatile for a range of , including the recipe for a strawberry smoothie.

the process of freezing strawberries can be broken down into four simple steps: cutting off the edible tops, slicing the strawberries, spreading them in one layer on a baking sheet, freezing and then storing them for later usage.

ideas for variations of the classic strawberry smoothie

With just a few simple additions, you can create a variety of delicious and healthy smoothies that are perfect for any occasion. From green smoothies to dessert-inspired treats, there's a variation for everyone to enjoy. So, let's mix it up and try something new!

  1. This strawberry smoothie recipe idea is perfect for those who want to know how to make a strawberry smoothie that adds a little extra green to their diet. Add some spinach for a boost of iron and vitamins. And some pineapple and banana in the mix complement the strawberries.
  2. Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with this fruity strawberry smoothie recipe idea. Swap out the milk for coconut milk and add in some pineapple and mango for a tropical vibe. The combination of mango, pineapple, and coconut milk provides a refreshing and creamy flavour that pairs perfectly with strawberries.
  3. Mix up your berries by adding in some raspberries and blueberries along with your strawberries for a mixed berry delight.

perfect strawberry smoothie - secret tips and tricks

Freeze your strawberries: For an extra refreshing smoothie, freeze your strawberries before blending. It'll make your smoothie taste like an icy treat! Plus, it's a great way to use up any leftover strawberries before they go bad.

Add some yogurt: For a creamy and smooth texture, add some yogurt to your strawberry smoothie. It'll also give a boost of protein and calcium. Plus, it makes the smoothie even more refreshing!

Sweeten it up: If your strawberries aren't as sweet as you'd like, add a little bit of honey or agave syrup to sweeten things up. This will give your smoothie the perfect amount of sweetness without overdoing it.

Experiment with different liquids: Don't be afraid to mix things up and use different liquids in your smoothie. Try almond milk, coconut water, or even orange juice for a tropical twist. It's a great way to keep things interesting!

Garnish with fresh strawberries: Don't forget to add a little bit of glamour to your smoothie by garnishing it with some fresh strawberries. Not only does it make your smoothie look Instagram-worthy, but it'll also give you a burst of extra strawberry flavour with each sip.

Customize it to your liking: Finally, don't be afraid to customize your smoothie to your own preferences. Add some spinach for extra greens, or some chia seeds for an extra boost of protein.

how to store the leftover strawberry smoothie? 

There’s nothing to worry if some of the strawberry smoothie is leftover. Here are some tips for storing it:

  • Keep it cool: After you've had your delicious strawberry smoothie, make sure to keep any leftovers cool. Pop it in the fridge or add some ice to keep it fresh.
  • Use a sealed container: Store your leftover smoothie in a sealed container to prevent any funky smells or flavours from seeping in. No one wants a strawberry smoothie that tastes like last night's leftovers!
  • Freeze it: If you're not going to drink your leftover smoothie in the next day or two, consider freezing it. Pour it into an ice cube tray or a freezer-safe container for a refreshing treat later.
  • Shake it up: Before you drink your leftover smoothie, give it a good shake to mix everything up. The ingredients may have separated a bit while sitting in the fridge, so a quick shake will bring it all back together.
  • Get creative: Leftover smoothie doesn't have to be boring! Use it as a base for popsicles or blend it with some fresh fruit and yogurt for a quick and easy breakfast smoothie.

serving suggestions

strawberry smoothies can be served in various ways. for a no-fuss presentation, pour your smoothie into a tall glass and garnish it with a fresh strawberry on top. you can add a fancy straw to complete the look and make it more appealing, especially for kids.

for a more elaborate presentation, top your smoothie with whipped cream, and enhance the texture with some chia seeds, granola or honey. additionally, if you're serving it as part of a brunch or breakfast, pair the smoothie with complementary dishes such as oatmeal banana bread, chocolate cinnamon toast, salad or avocado toast.

some of us like to add an elegant touch when it comes to food presentation. well, why not? we love how a beautifully presented dish can enhance the overall dining experience. if you want to do that with the smoothie – serve it in a stylish bowl and add toppings like sliced bananas, berries and nuts. 


smoothies, especially the strawberry ones, are an enjoyable option for any time of the day. you can have them as a refreshing breakfast, a nutritious snack or a sweet treat. with simple ingredients and easy preparation, they fit well into busy schedules.

if you’re concerned that having the same drink too often could get boring, worry not! try our creative serving suggestions and make your smoothie experience unique every time you have it.

our guide on how to make a strawberry smoothie is here to help you every step of the way. so why wait? get the ingredients required for the strawberry smoothie recipe, blend them up and treat yourself to an outstanding drink.

faqs on Strawberry Smoothie

Q. what is the best liquid to put in a strawberry smoothie?

A. the best liquid for your smoothie is the one you enjoy the most. there are no strict rules – as long as it's enjoyable, it's perfect. the usual liquids include dairy milk, almond milk, coconut milk or yoghurt. even water or fruit juice works well too.

Q. can i freeze fresh strawberries for smoothies?

A. yes, you can! using frozen strawberries results in better smoothies. unlike fresh strawberries, which can make the smoothies watery, frozen ones ensure you get a nice and thick consistency. so, if you have fresh ones, it’s better to freeze them. just wash them, remove stems and freeze whole or sliced.

Q. do strawberry smoothies have milk or yoghurt?

A. smoothies can be made with either milk, yoghurt or a combination of the two. milk adds creaminess and makes lighter smoothies compared to yoghurt. combining both gives you the best of both worlds, giving a nice texture and flavour to the smoothies.

Q. can i make a dairy-free strawberry smoothie?

A. yes, you can! start with the standard smoothie recipe by swapping the dairy milk and yoghurt with non-dairy options such as almond milk, coconut milk or soy yogurt. they’ll provide creaminess and flavour to your smoothie without dairy.


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