irresistible strawberry smoothie recipe: a taste of summer

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begin your day with an irresistible strawberry smoothie – a simple yet tempting treat that sets a positive tone for the hours ahead, especially as we head towards summer. there's an undeniable appeal to this smoothie, as it perfectly captures the very essence of the season with mouthwatering flavours that are truly refreshing.

now you can indulge in this nutritious delight whenever you want, with our sweet and creamy strawberry smoothie recipe. our recipe offers endless possibilities for customisation to suit your taste and adapts seamlessly to what's in your kitchen. join us in celebrating the season's vibrancy with this glass of pure delight – it’s a taste of summer that's almost impossible to resist.

what is a strawberry smoothie?

When the summer heat hits hard or when those winter mornings need an energy booster, there's nothing quite like sipping on a refreshing strawberry smoothie. Made by blending strawberries and other ingredients like milk, yogurt, honey, sugar – it’s a perfect go-to drink. It’s easy to get creative and throw some fruits or veggies in the mix and blend them together for a tastebud adventure.

Not only does strawberry smoothie taste like a treat, but it’s also packed with goodness like protein, fibre, vitamins. Strawberry smoothie has nutrients from the fruit and protein from yoghurt, making it a healthy choice for a snack or breakfast.

If you’ve not done so already, give your milkshake the flick and opt for this smoothie instead - you won't regret it.

strawberry smoothie recipe

discover how to make a strawberry smoothie with this simple recipe that uses just 4 ingredients to make this refreshingly delightful and healthy drink. this recipe is a step-by-step guide to help you whip up a batch without any elaborate preparation and whenever you want to have the taste of homemade bliss.


Total Servings:-



Preparation Time:-

10 Minutes


Cooking Times:-

0 minutes


Nutritional Value:-

203 calories, 5g fat, 37g carbs, 7g protein


Recipe Category:-






  • blender
  • knife
  • glasses

here are the 4 ingredients used in our recipe for strawberry smoothie.


  • 1 ½ cups frozen strawberries (whole)
  • ½ cup greek yoghurt
  • 1 small banana
  • 1 cup orange juice

the fruits: while fresh strawberries are a suitable option, we opted for frozen strawberries as they contribute to a creamier smoothie. with the banana also, you have the flexibility to use either a fresh or frozen fruit. however, we opted for a frozen banana (that’s cut into chunks), as it enhances the smoothie's sweetness and creaminess naturally – without the need for extra sweetener!

greek yoghurt: greek yoghurt adds creaminess and boosts the protein content in the smoothie, while thickening its texture.

orange juice: after some experimentation with our recipe for strawberry smoothie, we realised that to achieve a café-quality flavour, orange juice must be added. we adore the flavour achieved by adding pure orange juice, free from any added sugar.

let’s explore the steps of our recipe and master how to make a strawberry smoothie.


gather your ingredients: it’s not a long list - just ensure that you have all four ingredients ready to go. keep a sweetener handy, in case you wish to sweeten the smoothie further.

prepare the fruits: if you're using fresh strawberries, wash them thoroughly, remove the tops and slice them into smaller pieces for easier blending. however, if you’re using frozen ones, no thawing is needed – they're ready to go. slice the banana into smaller pieces, as it’s easier to blend.

add the ingredients to the blender: ensure that your blender is all set for action – begin by placing the fruits (strawberries and banana slices) into the blender. spoon in the greek yoghurt and also pour in the orange juice.

blend until smooth: before you start blending, ensure that the lid is secured. start at a low speed to break down the fruits and then gradually increase the speed to high. continue blending the ingredients of the strawberry smoothie recipe. make sure that the blend is smooth and creamy, and there are no visible fruit chunks. this process takes just a few minutes.

taste and adjust: after blending, taste the smoothie to gauge its sweetness. if you prefer it sweeter, add honey or any other sweetener. just a quick blitz is enough.

serve and enjoy: carefully pour the smoothie into glasses and consider garnishing with a strawberry slice. for an extra cold and frosty smoothie, include some ice cubes. serve immediately to relish the refreshing flavours of your homemade smoothie.

variations of strawberry smoothie

we’re confident that once you know how to make a strawberry smoothie, you’ll be eager to explore its variations. and why not – this smoothie lets you get creative, allowing you to tailor your drink in various ways. here are some variations to explore:

tropical twist: add pineapple chunks and coconut milk for the tropical taste in your smoothie.

berry burst: mix in a variety of berries like blueberries, raspberries or blackberries for a berry-packed smoothie that’s rich in antioxidants.

green strawberry flavour: sneak in some leafy greens for an intriguing twist. spinach or kale work well to enhance both the flavour and the nutritional benefits of your smoothie.

protein powerhouse: boost your strawberry smoothie recipe with a scoop of your favourite protein powder – ideal for post-workout recovery.

choco-strawberry delight: you can even add a touch of cocoa powder and chocolate-almond milk to your smoothie for a luscious chocolate-covered strawberry experience.

creamy avocado strawberry version: replace the banana with avocado for a creamy and healthy twist. this variation is a creamy breakfast-friendly blend that's not only delicious but also high in vitamin k.

spicy strawberry zing: learn how to make a strawberry smoothie in the sweeter variations, and then kick things up with a cayenne pepper or jalapeño for a sweet and spicy fusion.

ways to freeze fruit for smoothies

freezing strawberries is a straightforward process, whether you're dealing with a handful or a large batch. although you can freeze whole strawberries with their edible tops intact, they tend to be too large for effortless blending. moreover, defrosting them before chopping them into smaller pieces for various culinary uses becomes necessary.

to simplify the process, it's more practical to remove the tops and slice the berries before freezing. this approach ensures that your frozen strawberries are ready to use without any additional defrosting steps, making them more versatile for a range of , including the recipe for a strawberry smoothie.

the process of freezing strawberries can be broken down into four simple steps: cutting off the edible tops, slicing the strawberries, spreading them in one layer on a baking sheet, freezing and then storing them for later usage.

ideas for variations of the classic strawberry smoothie

With just a few simple additions, you can create a variety of delicious and healthy smoothies that are perfect for any occasion. From green smoothies to dessert-inspired treats, there's a variation for everyone to enjoy. So, let's mix it up and try something new!

  1. This strawberry smoothie recipe idea is perfect for those who want to know how to make a strawberry smoothie that adds a little extra green to their diet. Add some spinach for a boost of iron and vitamins. And some pineapple and banana in the mix complement the strawberries.
  2. Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with this fruity strawberry smoothie recipe idea. Swap out the milk for coconut milk and add in some pineapple and mango for a tropical vibe. The combination of mango, pineapple, and coconut milk provides a refreshing and creamy flavour that pairs perfectly with strawberries.
  3. Mix up your berries by adding in some raspberries and blueberries along with your strawberries for a mixed berry delight.

perfect strawberry smoothie - secret tips and tricks

Freeze your strawberries: For an extra refreshing smoothie, freeze your strawberries before blending. It'll make your smoothie taste like an icy treat! Plus, it's a great way to use up any leftover strawberries before they go bad.

Add some yogurt: For a creamy and smooth texture, add some yogurt to your strawberry smoothie. It'll also give a boost of protein and calcium. Plus, it makes the smoothie even more refreshing!

Sweeten it up: If your strawberries aren't as sweet as you'd like, add a little bit of honey or agave syrup to sweeten things up. This will give your smoothie the perfect amount of sweetness without overdoing it.

Experiment with different liquids: Don't be afraid to mix things up and use different liquids in your smoothie. Try almond milk, coconut water, or even orange juice for a tropical twist. It's a great way to keep things interesting!

Garnish with fresh strawberries: Don't forget to add a little bit of glamour to your smoothie by garnishing it with some fresh strawberries. Not only does it make your smoothie look Instagram-worthy, but it'll also give you a burst of extra strawberry flavour with each sip.

Customize it to your liking: Finally, don't be afraid to customize your smoothie to your own preferences. Add some spinach for extra greens, or some chia seeds for an extra boost of protein.

how to store the leftover strawberry smoothie? 

There’s nothing to worry if some of the strawberry smoothie is leftover. Here are some tips for storing it:

  • Keep it cool: After you've had your delicious strawberry smoothie, make sure to keep any leftovers cool. Pop it in the fridge or add some ice to keep it fresh.
  • Use a sealed container: Store your leftover smoothie in a sealed container to prevent any funky smells or flavours from seeping in. No one wants a strawberry smoothie that tastes like last night's leftovers!
  • Freeze it: If you're not going to drink your leftover smoothie in the next day or two, consider freezing it. Pour it into an ice cube tray or a freezer-safe container for a refreshing treat later.
  • Shake it up: Before you drink your leftover smoothie, give it a good shake to mix everything up. The ingredients may have separated a bit while sitting in the fridge, so a quick shake will bring it all back together.
  • Get creative: Leftover smoothie doesn't have to be boring! Use it as a base for popsicles or blend it with some fresh fruit and yogurt for a quick and easy breakfast smoothie.


A strawberry smoothie is a delicious and nutritious drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast on the go or a refreshing snack to cool down on a hot summer day – a strawberry smoothie is a great option.

By following the tips and tricks outlined here, you can create a perfect strawberry smoothie that is packed with flavour, nutrients and hydration. So, grab some strawberries and blend away to create a smoothie that will delight your taste buds and nourish your body.

faqs on Strawberry Smoothie

Q. what is the best liquid to put in a strawberry smoothie?

A. the best liquid for this smoothie comes down to personal choice. common options include yoghurt, milk (whether dairy or non-dairy) and fruit juices such as orange or even strawberry iced tea. these varied choices offer distinct flavours and textures, giving you the freedom to customise your smoothie just the way you enjoy it the most.

Q. what does a strawberry smoothie contain?

A. a strawberry smoothie typically contains ripe (frozen or fresh) strawberries, a liquid base (such as milk, yoghurt or juice) and often a sweetener (like honey or sugar). other optional ingredients include bananas for creaminess, ice for chill and various add-ins like protein powder or greens for extra nutrition.

Q. do strawberry smoothies have milk or yoghurt?

A. strawberry smoothies commonly include either milk or yoghurt or sometimes even both. milk adds creaminess and a subtle flavour, while yoghurt provides creaminess, tanginess and a boost of probiotics. there are no strict rules – the choice between milk, yoghurt or a combination of both, depends on your personal taste.

Q. is it good to have a strawberry smoothie for breakfast?

A. absolutely! this smoothie is a fantastic breakfast choice. it's a delicious and nutritious way to kickstart your day with a burst of vitamins, fibre and antioxidants. its vibrant flavours and refreshing nature make it perfect for those who prefer a light and fruity breakfast.



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