how to brew hibiscus tea: delicious recipe and tips

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A symbol of love, beauty, luxury and rituals – the hibiscus is a versatile and fascinating flower. And for a good reason. The vibrant flower is not just blessed with striking beauty but a wide range of benefits. From being used in traditional medicine to adding flavour to various dishes and drinks, hibiscus has become an essential part of many cultures.

Let’s indulge in its use as a drink and explore how to make hibiscus tea using the basic hibiscus tea recipe and other variations. We encourage you to try them all and see which one you prefer – the iced hibiscus tea or the warm one. That may be a tough one but probably not so tough to add the tea to your routine. So, grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy learning how to make hibiscus tea.


Hibiscus Tea


what is hibiscus tea?

Hibiscus tea is a vibrant, ruby-red herbal tea made from the dried petals of the hibiscus flower. If you’re a fan of fruity and slightly tart tea you’d enjoy this one. Plus, it’s both refreshing and thirst-quenching. One sip of this ruby-coloured brew and you're transported to the stunning landscapes of the Aussie outback. It's not just a cup of tea, it's a sensory experience.

It may even be one of those drinks that you can have on repeat mode and want to bookmark the page that shows how to make hibiscus tea. By the way, we got 1.84 million results when we searched how to make hibiscus tea. So there’re a lot of pages to choose from.

But don’t go anywhere, we’ll show you how to make hibiscus tea right here.


how to make hibiscus tea?

To start off, let’s keep it simple and see how to make hibiscus tea using the standard hibiscus tea recipe. But before that let’s consider the benefits of hibiscus tea – an added motivation to learn how to make hibiscus tea.

Antioxidants like vitamin C, minerals like iron, phosphorus and calcium – they’re all in there. And what they do for us includes boosting the immunity system, lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels and improving liver health.  

Well, you’ve come this far, so, we’re sure you’re ready to learn how to make hibiscus tea. So, grab your tea kettle and let's get brewing!


  • 1 cup of dried hibiscus flowers
  • 8 cups of water
  • Honey or sugar (optional)
  • Lemon or lime slices (optional)


step one: In a pot, boil water with the dried flowers.

step two: Remove the pot from heat as the water boils. Cover it with a lid. Let the hibiscus flowers steep for 5-10 minutes. If you want a stronger flavour, just steep it longer. And remember this tip with any tea you make, and not just when you’re learning how to make hibiscus tea.

step three: Taste a little to make sure you like it. Strain the tea to remove the flower petals. Keep the petals as you may be able to extract the second batch from them. Nothing wrong with getting more bang for your buck. 

step four: Add some honey. Also add some lime for a citrusy twist.

step five: This is when your presentation comes in. So garnish well. Serve and enjoy. That’s it! That’s the lowdown on the basic steps you need, to learn how to make hibiscus tea.


hibiscus tea recipe variations

Most of us won’t be satisfied with just learning how to make hibiscus tea using the basic hibiscus tea recipe. Neither are we! So we compiled a list of ideas on how to make hibiscus tea variations.

  • Here’s how to make hibiscus tea with ginger. Let the tartness of hibiscus and the spiciness of ginger get you a warm and delicious variation. Just add 1 inch of sliced ginger with the flowers and let it steep for 5-10 minutes for nice hibiscus ginger tea. Speaking of spiciness, let’s touch on how to make hibiscus tea with other spices like cinnamon, cardamom or saffron. Add 1 inch of cinnamon stick to tea as it steeps for 5-10 minutes. Similarly, some pods of cardamom or a few strands of saffron can be steeped with the tea.  
  • You can even chuck green tea in the mix. Just steep 4 green tea bags with hibiscus for about 5 minutes and voila! Now you know how to make hibiscus tea with green tea.
  • When you want some caffeine to boost your energy, dive into this note on how to make hibiscus tea with black tea. Steep 4 black tea bags with hibiscus petals. Just 5 minutes should be fine.
  • Mint goes well with both iced hibiscus tea and hot tea. So, it’s a good idea to check out how to make hibiscus tea with mint. Just add mint before serving and the blend will have the cooling and refreshing properties of mint.
  • Some of us like sweet floral notes of rose in tea. If that includes you, skim through this note on how to make hibiscus tea with rose tea in a very simple way. Before serving just add ½ teaspoon of rosewater to the tea and stir.
  • We couldn’t end this list without a note on how to make hibiscus tea cocktails. Steep 4 teapigs super fruit teabags for about 5 minutes. Remove the teabags and refrigerate. Once it’s chilled, add sparkling water and your favourite vodka. Chuck some ice. Enjoy.


secret tips and tricks for making perfect hibiscus tea

If you already know how to make hibiscus tea but need some tips to make a perfect cup, we’ve got you covered.

  • To make iced hibiscus tea, it’s best to steep the hibiscus petals overnight. However, you can also use the basic tea recipe to make hibiscus tea and then refrigerate it.  
  • Experiment with different variations of the tea. You can start with the ones we have provided and then go on to create your own.
  • Hibiscus tea is also a great base for fruity mocktails or cocktails. Add a splash of vodka or tequila, some fresh fruit juice and some mint for a refreshing and colourful cocktail.
  • Finally, don't forget about the presentation! Hibiscus tea is a beautiful, deep red colour that looks stunning in a clear glass or teapot. Also, garnish well – take a slice of lemon or some fresh mint. That’ll surely tweak it up.


storage instructions for your leftover hibiscus tea

After you’ve made the tea and enjoyed it too, you may end up with some leftovers. But there’s no point in discarding an amazing drink such as this. So here’s how to make hibiscus tea leftovers last longer.

Just let your hibiscus tea cool down to room temperature before storing it. Pour it into a jug with a lid and place it in the fridge. You can also freeze your leftover hibiscus tea in ice cube trays. This is a great way to use up small amounts of leftover tea. You can even add the cubes to other drinks.



That's a wrap, tea enthusiasts! We hope that you enjoyed exploring how to make hibiscus tea and its variations.

From classic hibiscus tea to mocktail or cocktail blends – there’s a hibiscus tea recipe for everyone. So why not explore and discover your own favourite way to enjoy this vibrant and refreshing drink?

And don't forget to keep the tips and tricks handy to know how to make hibiscus tea perfectly and also to know how to make hibiscus tea leftovers last longer. When you’re ready to give it a go, check out teapigs mood-o-meter for some amazing tea recommendations.  


faqs on hibiscus tea

Q. how to make your own hibiscus tea?

A. A quick note on how to make hibiscus tea at home – simply boil dried hibiscus flowers in hot water. Let it steep for 5-10 minutes, strain and discard the petals. Add some honey and lemon if you like. Serve and enjoy. If you want iced hibiscus tea, just chill it in the refrigerator and serve it over ice.


Q. how much hibiscus do you put in tea?

A. The amount of hibiscus you put in your tea can vary depending on your taste preferences, but usually, 1-2 teaspoons of dried hibiscus flowers are enough for 1 cup of water. It’s a good idea to try our hibiscus tea recipe first. Once you know how to make hibiscus tea, try experimenting with different ratios and go with the taste you like.


Q. how to make 1 cup of hibiscus tea?

A. We’ve already seen how to make hibiscus tea for 8 cups. To make 1 cup of hibiscus tea, boil 1 cup of water in a pot with 1-2 teaspoons of dried hibiscus flowers. After it’s boiled, remove it from the heat and let the tea steep for 5-10 minutes. Strain and remove the petals. Add honey and enjoy.


Q. how long should you steep hibiscus tea?

A. You can steep the hibiscus tea for 5-10 minutes. However, it also depends on your taste. You may want to try our hibiscus tea recipe, so you’re comfortable with the process and know how to make hibiscus tea. Then try experimenting. You may like steeping hibiscus petals in cold water for 1 or 2 days.



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